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Oh, how much I love you
This hour
This other hour
The previous
And the next hour.

        A band is playing
A sweet ballad
As always.

         It always smells of

         And I love you
This hour
The next hour.

         POETIC LOVE

Love for the word to flourish
Let no one anyone inveigh
Love as a sound and a voice
In poetry’s musical choice


September goes· mourning the leaves that are falling from the trees
Turning away from the distorted images that are disgusted inside the frost of the mirror
September goes· getting lost on a journey into the crack of time
May the paths and the masks be with no return on that way
September goes· regretting for the girl, dressed in black, that cries the hidden thrills as she gets two hazel eyes as a friend and a shield. Bread and oil.
September goes. May this travel be distant and laurel-crowned
September goes and thank God it’s raining· so everything will be clean when autumn comes again.

Angeliki Zevgolati
  Angeliki Zevgolati was born and raised in Greece, with studies in Serbia and London. She holds a degree in Medicine and is currently completing one in Psychology. She lives and works  in Thessaloniki. She won 3rd prize for her poem WOMAN in a national competition. Her poetry collection ΑΠΟΗΧΟΣ (OVERTONE) has been recently launched. Angeliki participated in Eva Petropoulou Lianou Week for poets in the international festival of poets in Egypt, where she was the winner in poetry number three for her poems MELINA and I LOVE YOU. She has also participated in greek and foreign anthologies and literature magazines.

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