The last photo in the diary by ana nikvul

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The Last Photo in the Diary

Was it a diary of a girl
drawing little hearts and stars
underlining, in red ink, the name of the boy who she was madly in love with
or was it that romantic crap with an embracing couple
in a gaudy heart, entangled like fools
is love still yuck and phooey
or is it just a haze, a blink, a mirage for the unacquainted and the ignoramuses
Has your mother ever told you that love is chores and fetters
and sorrow
did your childish diary
have quotes by Brecht about war, about perishing, about death
and big chunks of the Circle
or was it Montaigne who philosophized from his room
about confidence, and regret, experience, scents and loneliness
like your song that honestly resembled a well-wrapped sarma
which could be interpreted as an attempt of a metaphor
was that sarma later published in some magazine
and the opening line admired
About horses eating honey

Were you really impertinent and arrogant towards the editor
And didn’t even thank him
as he fondled your skirt and caressed your back
a horndog for the young and demure
were you a wall from your diary
upon which, all around you, the local thugs
had painted a male organ that leaks
down your shoulder, thighs and mouth, their life
did you take a photo there
arms outstretched like on a crucifix
in tight ripped jeans and plaid male shirt
tied into a knot around your waist
with only your nose visible under the hair covering your cheeks
and did you put that photo in your diary
and stopped writing it
you grew up
I guess
Was it you, Ana?

  Ana Nikvul was born in Kosovska Mitrovica .She currently lives and works in Mladenovac ,teaching Serbian language.
 She published in many literature magazines ( „Bagsadla“, „Aspirations“, „Literary records (Mne),“A torch“,Meetings“, „The scroll“, „Steps“, „Balkanian literary herold“, and many others.
 She is present in many poetic anthologies.She has many rewords for poetry,such as reword for the most original poem on Polarison’s international competition.For her book of poetry „ How I should cry“she has a reword of „ Poetic handles“ ,for the best poetry collection in 2o14 .
 Poem „ My dear calls me darling“2016 she was shortlisted for „Lenka’s ring“ reword.
 She published collection of poems „I will learn you about me“2013,2014 ,“How should I cry?“2015 ,“Four pepperonies for goodbye“,and many others.She also is a member of the „Comunity educators for children poetry which general title is „Pupils forever“2016. 
 In her manuscripts there are about 2000 poems ,drama books for children,story books.She also directed dramas for children and many of her dramas were addopted for the scene across the Balkan .
 Drama „ My name is Dragutin“ is published 2021.
 She is preparing a book of drama texts for children „Big break“. Her books have been translated on Spanish,Slovakian,English,Hungarian......
 Her poetry entered into Serbian anthology of contemporary poets ( on Russian )and anthology „All roads lead to the South“ on Slovakian language which have been published in Kopar . 

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