Songs by Jože Brenčič

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One evening I asked you out to
the city theatre
because I know it means a lot to you
we sit silently looking at the actors

you love the play
I do not attend to
what’s happening on stage
but follow the expressions on your face

you hold the gift I gave you
the well-known poet’s collection
in front of everyone I whisper
that I love spring

they lie when they say this has no place in our time
that my birds flew off long ago
and that flapping wings do not suit me
when I order wine in some dark corner of a bar

there’d be no fireflies without darkness
I don’t escape into dreams and so you don’t dream
questions have ruffled the bed
and only a handful of answers make it back

I don’t let just anyone close
so my feelings don’t catch a cold
I know it’s hard to make them well again
when one is exhausted all goodness wrung out


I feel the smell of wild flowers again,
because now is the time of light summer dresses,
passion is still red,
The lucid spirit neglects the number of years.

Every day I meet with my face,
I rotate the mood ring,
With which I cannot open the cans,
because it only changes colors in the rainbow color spectrum.

Idealization has a special charm,
until I become aware of the shortcomings.
I’m dating with the sky, I paint on it fire
and in the enthusiasm I breathe a clean air.

Everything on the coast was short
and I wonder if it ever happened.
I trampled my pride not to lose
something I might not have and I will not have.

Without a lush blossom of flowers on the windows,
without the bright sunlight in the soul,
Without wanting and feeling strongly, I will not have it.
The moon would be faded like a fire in the fireplace.


After that, I looked at everything from the other window,
so that I would not succumb to superficial pictures,
I notice again that I’m getting smaller:
less kidney and liver, euphoric mood,
less manipulation with the moments, less expectations.

I notice that you are changing masks, dismal and sad
and banal chatter hides the truth,
things stir up the blood, and at the same time, the heart is freezing
when the crumbs of subtlety from the table drop on the floor ,
You step into the traces of  stars, caught in corrosive shroud.

Don’t wander through the hidden angles in details,
In foreboding don’t draw a lie at the end of each rainbow,
Don’t impel your restless butterflies
while I’m  riding on the end of the moon,
because I don’t want you to throw me out of the drawer between the ballast.

I can teach you how to fly and bend the willow,
to prevent the wind from taking dreams.
I upset your sleepy butterflies,
I had the honor to drink the honey from a young flowers.
You walk slowly and carefully, the road seems dangerous to you.

When I moved away, I watched everything in the rearview mirror
and for nothing I didn’t complain, in the attack of lucidity
I knew that the trees love the wind: when they bud,
In the summer, when the leaves flicker in the canopy, so I hurried,
before  they get dressed in scarlet and  get stretched naked branches in the winter.


The heart was fluttering  in the center
like a bird trapped in a cage
like a tiger behind the bars of the skull
rain and wind are pouring on the window

The bird wants to fly in the storm
and a tiger would rush like a tempest
I’m staring at the sky and grazing  clouds
surrounded by nettles in the armchair
with a nettle body

they’ll find me in an ashtray
without lousy  teeth, without bones
without feces
the heart burned among your hands
and angelic fanfare will be heard

I’m born I want and I love
trapped in my tree
thunder stretches its lightened roots
for every birth, something must die

under the fire of the chest as a phoenix I resurrect
with a brushed diamond of the soul
who doesn’t try in vain
clear as sanctified water
drops of sweat on your forehead


Catch a hot wind,
crucify your sails,
breathe in full lungs,
let the waves of unrest carry you,
come to touch you,               
while still has time for us.

There is a tear on the corner,
the news that I went,
bitter smile on the lips,
a dusty trace in your soul,
when there will be no more sunshine in the eyes,
just a blurred look.

Look at the sky and you’ll bode me there,
on an insignificant star:
I’m still crazy,
I’m still alive
and climbing the ladder
embodied from your memory.

Important answers will arrive
when everything is covered by dust
and the weeds grow out of my eyes.
Don’t go to the last field,
there are sorrows and silences there,
whispering about a time that no longer exists

Jože Brenčič
  Jože Brenčič , 25 June 1950, a lawyer, lives in Podlipa near Vrhnika (Slovenia), after high school he studied at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. 
 He writes poems from the age of sixteen. He did not intend to publish his own poems, but he published a few years ago at forums of prose and poetry on the Internet. He is a member of the Literary Society of RIS Idrija. His poems are translated into Serbian. This collection of "The Shards of Optimism" is his first. 
 It is published AT Literary Wave, at, at, on FB, and he participates in literary competitions in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Austria. The excerpts of his poems are published in the book by 50 authors of The Wave of Thought, Literary Wave 2012 IBN 978- 961-93292-0-7. 
 The publications in journal collections: 
 – collection of the magazine The publications in journal collections: 
 – collection of the magazine mentor In the Shelter of the Words 2011, 2013 and 2013, Slovenia, 
 – The Letter to My Mommy (Norma 7) 2013, Slovenia, 
 – the collection Garavi sokak Indjija 2013, 2014, Serbia, 
 – the collection of Sinđelić's Čegar Fire 2014, Niš, Serbia, 
 – the collection Sweet Duels, Jajce 2014, Poetry of the Year, BiH, 
 – The International collection of With a Feather for Peace – Sea in the Palm, Culture of Dreams, Zagreb 2014, 
 – the collection of The Soul With Old Times Awakened in 2014, Biblioteka „Branko Radičević“, Žitište, Serbia, – the collection of Hotenja 24, 2014, Šaleško Literary Society, 
 – the collection Zaris in the period of 2014, Literary Society of RIS Idrija, Slovenia, – the collection 9 of the authors of the Vrhnika Literary Group 2014, Slovenia, 
 – the collection Her Name is a Woman 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, 
 – I Speak With a Verse International collection 4, 2015, Montenegro. Rewards: 
 – 2011 Special Award of the JSKD, elected for the State Meeting of Senior Writers in Dravograd,
  – 2013 nomination of the JSKD for the State Meeting of Senior Literature, 
 – Awards 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 JSKD, for cooperation in competitions, 
 – 2014 book prize for the 3rd place at the competition Poetry Love Poetry, Institute for Cultural and Publicistic Creativity Vladimire Rejc, 
 – White Feather Degree for the poem "Live at the Banatsko Peno Contest 2014
     My collection My Bilingual Collection of Okruški optimizma / Krhotine optimizma in Slovenian and Serbian, language,Belgrade 2015, Srbija
 The Shards Of Optimism, in English Lulu inc. USA, 2019

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