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Stefania Miola
Stefania Miola
Stefania Miola
  Stefania Miola is an eccentric and multifaceted writer passionate about art in all its many expressions. She defines herself as a truth seeker. He lives with his family in a small town on the outskirts of Turin – Italy. She has always loved reading the soul of art and giving voice to the soul through the words of her narration. She is mainly interested in the relationship between art and spirit following a dynamic path that embraces multiple disciplines: psychology, philosophy, spirituality, well-being. Fascinated by direct confrontation, she prefers the form of observation and artist / work dialogue as an opportunity for inner enrichment. 2020 member of the World's Nation Writers Union

She has published three books of poetry:
1 - The only sky - the true one
2 - Violets in the desert
3 - The perfume of white rabbit
She is published in in many  magazines and global Anthogys and she is winner of many international Awards. 

Silent fly

Queen of thoughts
I unfold wings
Flying through arid deserts
and shining seas
Soul-soaked footsteps fly
dripping emotions
on the infinite canvas
Silent flight of seagull
towards a forgotten dawn.


In the fogyouhadgrab me
then linger on my fingers
As in search of maternal contact.
invade the depths of my BEING,
As Light passes through me,
you burn,and you burn me to the last ESSENCE.
Vulnerablebeing to be thirsty for LOVE
I urge you to advance,
regardless of what’s left
of my will.
Erase what still divides us.
Throw yourself in my blood
and you run impetuously.
On a foggy day
I opened my eyes to life again.
On a foggy day
I gave you my heart.

A seed sprouts inside.

I look out at the innocence of heaven.
the simplicity of the earth in making life grow.
The crisp air kisses my face and
The chirping of a lone sparrow
welcomes me with the usual beating of wings.

He’s looking in to my dreams.

They say dreams are desires.
There are people who do not come close and
they say that fire gives neither light nor heat.
They say the world is going crazy
Who have abandoned the faith.

“Everyoneneeds a place to love”

They say there are no more seasons (of the heart)
In my little world, the firelights and warms
without burning everything and spring is paralyzed.
My place is microscopic and immense.
There is an invincible force that I call God

(butonly for intelligibility)

“When you close one door, I open the other” he tells me.
All around they say that some trains only pass once
Sometimes I get lost at the station and walk
bare foot along the tracks.
And I rely on the heavenly angels.

Sometimes I jumphere and there on the rocks and follow the stream.
Sometimes I slipped and fellinto the depths.
Sometimes I hit the stones
Sometimes I waited in vain
Sometimes I havewaited for the unexpected.

Today it rains from the sky on the arid earth.
A seed sprouts unexpected and sweet inside.
My eyes still on the yellow flowers that stand proud
among a blanket of deciduous leaves
and poignant beauty.

© All rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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