POEMS of Şenol Alçınkaya

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 I destroyed the waterfalls to see you, to come to you.
 I stretched out my hands to you, but I
 I was dreaming with the lights out.
 I was thinking about that day, but darling...
 There was no need, actually, I was with you because you are.
 You were in my heart, in my dreams, in my dreams.
 You were everywhere, darling.
 Do not deceive yourself with dreams, my darling.

 You're fucking yourself, honey,
 I couldn't find a cure for your trouble,
 I was the light, but I was your way.
 Did you ask yourself why?
 You disappeared though my sweetheart
 Your heart was flowing
 Your eyes were crying, cursed with loneliness.
 Don't you cry, I'll cry instead...
 Both in and out.


I broke down the waterfalls so I could see you
I extended my hands to you, but I
I was dreaming with the lights out
I was thinking about that day though darling
There was no need for me to be with you
Do not deceive yourself with dreams darling

you curse yourself my only one
I couldn't find a cure for your trouble
I was the light, but I was your way
Did you ask yourself why?
You disappeared though my sweetheart
Your heart was flowing
Loneliness was devastated, your eyes were crying
Don't cry, I'll cry instead


 I'm like a bird on a branch, timid, homeless, homeless
 My wing is broken, my heart is wounded
 A beautiful shot from my heart
 I became a branch, I broke, I became a leaf, I withered
 I became a tree
 I became a human being, roasted with the pain of love.

Şenol Alçınkaya
Şenol Alçınkaya was born in Istanbul. He served on the administrative bodies of various cultural and social associations. Among them are the following organizations: Turkish Volunteers for Kidney and Organ Transplantation,  ÇEKSED (Modern Literature, Culture and Arts Association). He also served as the publishing manager of Kardelen (Snowdrop) and EdebiyatGezgini (Literature Traveler) literary magazines. His poems appeared in a number of magazines, anthologies and newspapers.
 Published books:
 Poems Under the Rain (2016)
 Sadness Street (2021)

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