বাংলা English
Translated by :
Hasnain Aaqib

Plant you love in in my eyes

Plant your love 
In my eyes 
These two eyes 
Do not produce yield
With every
Rainfall !!

Call me! 

Call me! 
Call me! 
The night 
That puffed the freezing cold of winter
On my body
I, with intense feeling of loving you 
Twisted my dreams 
I took refuge in your songs
My body warmed up slowly 
Next to your poems
And slowly
And softly 
In your passionate words and sentences
I melted like wax
I satisfied the desire
Of ambiguous love
On your lips
O Poet of my dreams! 
Where do you stand 
In the tumult of the poetry? 
As such that 
I can only touch you in dreams! 
To understand you
Has become difficult for me 
Invite me towards yourself 
Call me 
Call me 
Your calling me 
Makes happiness effuse 
From my eyes 
Your calling me
Makes me soar! 
With your call, 
I become a woman! 
I don’t know 
Why the world has knotted you 
With my feelings
So much so that
In the newest and latest words
My heart becomes loaded 
With your longing 
And in your absence
Even a single moment
Is unbearable and and sorrowful
My dearest! 
Here a woman
In the centre of the night 
Promises you 
And carries you to the world 
Every night In her poems
You will see the glimpses 
Of love 
And in her streets 
Love and affection
And kisses 
And kisses 
And kisses
Kisses from
A to ZA drizzle of kisses
Perhaps This is the loveliest
And the most romantic
A woman can make
From afar
She puts her love at stake 
And her man
From miles away 
After listening to this song 
Stamps a soft smile 
On his lips!!! 

Window of good fortune 

Kiss me
Your lips
Are the windows
Of good fortune
Have a look! 
The sunlight 
Is smiling!!!
The whole day
I walk
Thinking about someone
Every night blinks an eye
In my poems!!!!

My dress

It is night
And the darkness is everywhere
I am lost in your thoughts
While walking
Through the streets!!!

Rena Muqtadar
  The renowned poet and Sapedeh Nigar from Afghanistan Rena Muqtader was born on 22nd September 1977 in Bulkh which is the birthplace of Maulana Rumi.  Rena is a TEACHER. She graduated from the Bulkh University in the faculty of Persian language and literature.   She is fluent with her mother tongue Dari, Pashto and Persian languages. She writes literary research papers and creates      poetry of high-quality and standard in these languages.   Rena Muqtader is married to Mr Waheed Mustafa since 2003. She is the publisher and the editor of the literary magazine of Bulkh cultural committee Institute. She is associated with the number of women empowerment movements across the region. She has published a dictionary in Iran. Her poetry appears in various literary journals, newspapers and magazines.   She edits a woman's voice blog and manages weblog of young poets community.   

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