Poems of Francisco Borrás Marimón

বাংলা English


White, grey clouds.
Sometimes black…
Of soft cotton.
Of silk wrapped
 And always beautiful.

They play, they shine
and hide the sun.
Their form, flirtatious, they vary.
They run, sing and laugh
and through the blue they sail.

When the wind hurts them
they wear a black cloak
which their sadness proclaims
with loud thunder
and rain that they weep
and pour down.


Today you looked agile, soft, tender and sweet.
Your face, golden porcelain, radiated joy,
a halo of life was all around your slenderness
of luminous strokes enveloped.
… You were a feather in autumn.

Your eyes of bluish beauty smiled at the world,
serene and placid, alive and restless.
Your body drew the essence of life,
your hands your strength, your breasts your light.
… You were a feather in autumn.

Today, when sorrows, shadows and restlessness
were resting on the ground,
and the sun among clouds descended on the souls,
you, delicate, flew in a thousand skies.
… You were a soft feather in autumn.


Saturday and Sunday, Sunday and Saturday,
dream and hope, hope and dream,
Monday’s longing, Friday’s nostalgia,
treasure of the past, unknown of the future.

Saturday and Sunday, Sunday and Saturday
slow minutes, collection of pearls
during the week cultivated,
basket of wishes for the Monday to come.

Saturday and Sunday, Sunday and Saturday
eternal time of waiting and retreat,
transit from heaven to the unknown fate.

 Francisco Borrás Marimón is a multifaceted character, who has travelled the paths of life as a university professor, consultant, lecturer, civil engineer and civil servant. A lover of history, music and literature, he has worked as a consultant in the areas of peace and human security and in international development cooperation. A restless spirit, researcher and tireless traveller, he has travelled around several continents, living with their people and customs, which has allowed him to capture his experiences in writings, full of life, love and adventure, whether in his poetry collections or in his novel "The Enigma of the Sixth Estate". His poetry offers us, whether in poems such as the haiku, the “décima”, the sonnet or free verse or in ingenious acrostics or palindromes, vivid poetic images that captivate the reader. 

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