poems by Silvia Goldman

বাংলা English
Translated by : Mary Hawley and Yarisa Colón Torres 

The lesson of grief

this is the lesson of grief

a woman dries up from the inside out
she is not another rib she is the table where someone set the plates

the floor is outside but from the corner
it is a lamp falling

disturbing the balance
a vowel appears and she grabs it
her hand is too much
within that purity

it has a finger that flows toward her feet
fills them and says to them
i am also going to touch you
even though it hurts

she puts shoulders on the plates
men who head for bookshelves but get lost first
reading isn’t enough
it doesn’t forgive you
there are enormous ways to read

give me your hard part your father part
that water you put on the plate
and it fell
what’s below isn’t a tongue
nor is it the slow yearning of gray
it is a cry that splits your flesh in two
we are on the bridges of this conversation
you’ll look at me one more time before i jump


a room was growing inside your eyes
I could see the painting
the hard features of a Greco
who leaned toward me
and asked for advice
something about the rain was bothering him
I know this because with his open hands he was stopping it
I know this because that humidity of traveling
without children was also growing in him
his veins flowing out onto hunger’s wall
weren’t females who were returning
they were leaving
I looked at them and saw how in his eyes
the rain was still coming
lashing itself against the marble of his cheeks
they said it was tears
but I knew that deep inside him a room was falling


how can you leave if a house is always a tongue remaking itself?


you brought me a dress and showed me how to wear it
I wear it inside of myself


Silvia Goldman
  Silvia Goldman is a poet, teacher, and scholar. She is originally from Uruguay but has lived in the US since 2001. Her first book of poetry, Cinco movimientos del llanto, was published in 2008 by Ediciones de Hermes Criollo. A section of this book was translated by Charlotte Whittle and published in 2016 by Cardboardhouse Press under the title No one rises indifferent to sorrowDe los peces la sed, her second book, was published in 2018 by Pandora Lobo Estepario Press. Her most recent book, miedo, was awarded by the Tuft’s University “Feria Internacional de Libro Latino y Latinoamericano”, and was recently published by Axiara editions. She was a finalist in the VI and VII “Premio Internacional de poesía Pilar Fernández Labrador”, and “Premio internacional de poesía Paralelo cero”. Her poems have been included in various journals and anthologies.  She holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and teaches language and literature at DePaul University. She is a member of the literary and cultural platform Contratiempo.

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