poems by Roberto García de Mesa

বাংলা English
(Spanish orginals part of the poetic series Cristal y nido, 
published in La cima inversa, by Roberto García de Mesa, 
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Poetry, 2021.
English translation by Roberto García de Mesa 
and revised by Mario Domínguez Parra).


The beginning of everything remains underground.
It tries to germinate from the same source.
The bow expels doubt
and the being is transformed in each shot.
How many have sought the seed!
We are exhausted,
submerged in the dream and the disaster.
To say that the tension hits the air with insistence
is nothing more than losing consciousness,
than to recover the oldest voice.
The city doesn’t germinate, no.
The city gains slaves.
You suffer in the midst of swarms.
Too many cuts and wishes.
All laws contain pain:
the same song plays underground.


I gift the passage from one time to another.
Because of the exile we live.
Who knows when to flee again?

Through the window you can see the wolves,
like ideas, like a war sketch.
And we will only feel tongues, mouths, assaults,
screams, defeat.

Roberto García de Mesa
Roberto García de Mesa is a Spanish poet, playwright, dramaturge, narrator, essayist, philologist, exhibition curator, stage director, visual artist and musician. He holds a licentiate in Law and Hispanic Philology, and a doctoral degree in Hispanic Philology. He is Associate Professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and Tutor at the National Distance University (Spain). He has published sixty-six books of poetry, theatre, short narrative, essays, conversations, paintings and critical editions, and four cds with his musical compositions. His works have been translated into English, Greek, Romanian, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, and have appeared in magazines of eighteen countries. He has his own company of Theatre. 

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