poems by Rita Stanzione  

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Dancing in darkness

The journey is idle
it becomes a boundary on our faces
talking on roofs ‒ where we
can hear nothing
surrounded by doors without sky

and the inner has no answers
only the still warm imprint
of which true ‒ uneven ‒ departures
romance…and what you feel then
dancing in darkness, staying there.

(English translation by Ute Margaret Saine, California)

We could be

We could be footprints on the beach
steps like the illusions of the senses
Light remains, dunes of bodies…
until on us will grow
the ruinous blossoms
of unforgivable time

(English translation by Ute Margaret Saine, California)


I imagine you like this, while I dissolve,
clear, occasionally out of focus
between the paper and the chair,
looking for a flash of enlightning,
I recognize the lips
moist with new poems
hands immeasurably grown
over untended syllables

Majestically you rain on my roots,
you embrace me with crazy gestures
– I put nothing and no one next to you –
I laugh with you, then I cry
even I am crazy in the crowd
– and no one sees me –

You have reminded me how and when
I managed to be born
from what fantasies and what labors

These are the hidden seasons, under the hard rocks

(English translation by Ute Margaret Saine, California)

Let’s insert whispers

The duration of a detail
waters spread out a white carpet

asymmetries of waves
multiple horizons
sands just moving
little snowslides of inconsistency

light is low
it’s time of lie down
on courses which never intersect
in this world, at least

you blow the breeze-thought
as you can invent it, behind a gentle glass
shades and bodies
joined forever
the beginning
the end

let’s insert whispers
between the day before and this missing today

our hearts aren’t meant for pulping
they always know the way back


(English translation by Ivo De Palma, Italy)

Rita Stanzione  
Rita Stanzione  was born in the province of Salerno, Italy, and still lives there to date.  After completing her studies in pedagogy, she has been teaching science and finally branch of disability. Her poems are concerned with exploring inner worlds as well as external landscapes, and with nature as it shapes and penetrates us, especially in its fantastic, dream-like, and visionary aspects. She likes to experiment with new forms.  Rita Stanzione writes haiku regularly, as well as short stories and aphorisms, and she is an accomplished translator of English language poetry into Italian.  In 2012, Rita Stanzione published “L’inchiostro è un fermento di macchie in cerca d’asilo” with Libreria Editrice Urso; “Spazio del sognare liquido” with Rupe Mutevole; “Versi ri-versi” with Carta e Penna Editore.  In 2013, she published “È a chiazze la mia bella stagione” with Libreria Editrice Urso; “Per non sentire freddo” as an e-book with Editrice GDS. In 2016 she published “In cerca di noi” with Movimento UniDiversità. In 2017 she published “Canti di carta” with Fara editore; “Di ogni sfumatura” with Libreria Editrice Urso; “Grammi di ciglia e luminescenze, 60 haiku” with Vitale Edizioni. In 2020 she published “Un posto di pietra fedele” with Movimento UniDiversità. In 2021 she published “Da quassù (la terra è bellissima)” with 4 Punte Edizioni. She is co-author of a collective novel published in 2019. Her poems are published in Italian and international websites (with English translation). Since 2011, she has also won numerous first and second prizes in poetry competitions throughout Italy. 

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