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Everything Passes

Everything passes, but everything remains
Time echoingly recedes into the past,
And the words that Brodsky left,
Thrown into fertile soil.

Hazes are dancing faintly over the roofs,
The air moves cloyingly viscous,
Life flows while we breathe
Eternity into space carries away the denouement.

Sighs, sorrows and inspiration
Incarnate in a new decoration,
And weary shadows wander
On the cooled traces in space.

And loses elegant grace,
And the living decays and breaks.
The text enters into reincarnation –
Everything passes, but everything remains.

© Raisa Melnikova, Vilnius, Lithuania


The Crimson Loses Its Color

The crimson loses its color
Moonlit night
Lazurite crayon vessel,
Objects on legs – in short,
And the light on the water
Reflected by the moonlit path,
There is no reality –
Earth wrinkles are not visible,
Around – moonlight,
Like love for oranges.

© Raisa Melnikova, Vilnius, Lithuania


Words Get Stuck in the Larynx

Words get stuck in the larynx –
Leaves the effects of mousse –
Post-berry sensations
In four incarnations
Allegories of feelings:
Busy summer of silence
Spring lips aggravation,
When boiling currents rush in,
The breath of autumn splashes
Sultry equator,
Snow-covered crossroads bridges.
And two are always to blame
That they suddenly lost their origins,
Breaking loose;
The two of us could not resist
On a wobbly stage
Perfect love.

© Raisa Melnikova, Vilnius, Lithuania

Raisa Melnikova
  Raisa Melnikova is a poet, prose writer, essayist, publicist, translator. Lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. Master of Education. Earlier her 20 books were published in Lithuanian. She runs a theater studio, writes scripts for performances. She is a member of the International Writers' Unions: ISP (International Union of Writers) and SPSA (Union of Writers of North America), is a member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists MAPP, an association of Russian writers and artists. Raisa Melnikova's articles are published in newspapers, she makes translations. Her poems were published in almanacs of Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel, India, the USA. The poet's poems were also translated into other languages. Since 2018, her 6 collections of poems have been published in Vilnius. Prize-winner of the festival in Bulgaria, laureate of the international festival "Symphony of Poetry Without Borders". She was awarded with many diplomas and medals.

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