poems by Parthita Dutta

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So much to say; the feeling is brewing
I won’t restrain me, so may not rhyme
See that drop of malice born of a cause
Wrecks the beauty of serene thought
Wants to destroy someone or something
A message, the devil is woken therein

Nowhere else within, dwelling as twain
A thrill to mind between I and me remain
And a wall like a shield is being built
Amid the plateau of the conscious mind

To prevail and empower what is worthwhile
We continue building this wall, engineered
Mend and amend the law, forces fortified
Among brothers, neighbors, a boarder
Defines the line of hate, disdain, egotism
Is camouflaged, showcased as goodwill
By killing insects, they feed us toxic grains
To vanquish the vile, evil spirit sustains.


Sadness with a sad heart asks God
You made me such that no one
Greets me with a smile and glee
Am I sour and bitter that they hate me?

All earnestly long for happiness as
Its spicy, sweet taste, but they won’t
Greet me with a smile and glee when
Spilling sadness is not all my will

They tangle in reeds for all their deeds
Yet blame me for pain and plight, won’t
Greet me with a smile and glee, God
Would you tell them to treat me right?

Loathing me would make you sadder
Happiness and I are real brothers
Greet me with a smile and glee, and
See, you find bliss in all states rather.

Parthita Dutta
   Parthita Dutta, whose inquiring mind strives to evolve with each new day by acquiring knowledge of all spheres. She delves deep into her life experiences and observations and preserves the essence in the form of poetry, which she presents to the world. She was born in Kolkata, India, an engineer, but her heart always weaves poetry in solitude. 
 Her debut book 'The Boatman Beckons' released in September 2021. Her poetry also published before in several anthologies and magazines, among them few are Absolute Poetry Anthology (UK), Asia Sings Anthology (Silk Road Literature), Encyclopedia Of a Thousand Poets: The Candles of Hope (Tnusia), Sindh Courier Web Portal for world Literature (Pakistan), Sungurlu Newspaper (Turkey), News Kashmir, Litterateur International Magazine, Cultural Reverence International Magazine, Williwash Webzine, etc. She writes poetry that covers a vast domain of thought from grass to galactic gleam. Her poetry evokes a divine essence, drawing attention to all mundane things under microscopic view is insightful and a beacon for awakening spiritual love, harmony, and peace. 

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