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* * *

You are not afraid to believe even when
It is empty behind you…
You are a blind traveler
From the threshold to the lantern,
That grimaces on the street
With the dead light.
It is not enough the world for you
To became the soul
Without body…
You felt a little pain
On the leaps
From the Judas’ kisses.
On those leaps,
Which have forgotten about the smile.
Just a little bit
And you will tired of falling
Into the arms of memories, guesses, maidens,
That are called Inspiration
Not for life…
The day passed, as
The lantern went out
On the outskirts of the city,
That became your
Solitude, which is ill with itself,
Crowds in the veins of the streets.
You will forget
The body for become a soul
Of the blind traveler
Who is going on
From the darkness to
The lantern.
Erased words “WE WERE…”
On the bark of the trees
Which are growing
From the trevelers’ palms
You are not afraid to believe even
It is empty behind you

* * *

Through the cold glasses lens
I stare at the way
That hold

                                  To HOME.

There are too much the lonely leaves!
They fall down from the autumn hands
As the tears of courtesan
Who loses her virginity

                                Once AGAIN.
On the winded ruins of an old farm
My TODAY sleeps,

                              And TOMORROW…

Tomorrow is waiting for the autumn
As for a rubbed hryvnia
From the hand of a rich kid
In Ukrainian shirt,
Embroidered by the Chineses
Through the cold glasses lens
I stare at the purple sky,
Hanging with beautiful stone
Rolled out already after Sisyphus

                                        To the MOUNTAIN.

It feels like under his weight
Young poets pray with poems,
Breathing warmly with their…


And the road is spreading
Before the wheels of the post-Soviet PAZ,
Blurring by the hundreds




That’s how life goes,
Every now and then bringing me back

Walking Through Berlin

Between Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden –

A memory gap.

We walk through it, holding hands tightly,

Looking for a way to ourselves.

It is not surprising at all that in the narrow space of the century

The Topography of Terror[1] and the remains of The Berlin Wall

Came together.

Above them, there are the prayers of those

Who did not have time to wait for our steps.

In order to read them, it is not enough to hear them.

Here every foundation trembles with

Unsaid word, unsurvived feelings,

Unspoken Kaddish and Lord’s Prayer.

And the moment you stumble

About another Stolperstein[2],

An angel of your past

Flies over the Berliner Dom

[1] Topography of Terror is an outdoor and indoor history museum in Berlinis located on the former site of the Gestapo headquarters and built-in prison, the SS leadership and the headquarters of the state security forces.

[2] Stolperstein – ‘stumbling stone’ –  is a cube bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi extermination or persecution.

Oksana Pukhonska
Oksana Pukhonska (1988) – Ukrainian poet and literary researcher. She is an author of a few books of poems (Through the Veins of Universe, The Fire, The Time Becomeі Frank) and scientific research of contemporary literature. Oksana Pukhonska is a professor of The National University of Ostroh Academy. For her literary creativity she became a laureate of several literary contests and prizes, between them The Prize of Panteleimon Kulish.

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