POEMS BY Nİhat Zİyalan

বাংলা English
 Translated into English by Recep NAS


The rain’s about to pour down
I tried not to collect the recipes of life
hanging on the string inside of me
I love its smell
As it evaporates

Not my morale like that from birth
the more I put myself in the other’s shoes
the more it got sick
and grew thin

I rely on the recipes inherited from my dad
when the morale is down
fighting is an endeavor
of fortification
not scuffle

I consulted those hanging on the string
for the first time with the heartbeats
of that ‘alas, let nobody notice’
I reminded my morale of the girl
Whom I hugged from a distance
And we kissed with our glances

The recipes that reached at my eighty-four age
for my morale, forging them, I did biceps
on the anvil of that  ‘no one you have but you’
and with the training of kiss and caress

I wrote with the vibration of my biceps
“No keep recipe!”
Hey, the angler who determined to take my trouse
“Watch out!”
Luck of the draw

Sydney 2020, *From the Poetry Book, Sevdakeş (Lovejunky)


I’m all ears to rain
My heart throbs
Oh, my God
It will leak soon

Going down the stairs all in one breath
I took the bucket and the saucepan
Out of the basement

Turning in the bed
“Odds bodkins” said Özdemir[1]
“Just now the stars were visible
through the shards of the tiles.”

Lest our talk got wet
Yılmaz [2] pulled the quilt at both ends
“ Should unfurl an umbrella upon the house”

Does love come over this shanty
Ha ha ha
The girl’s face in no way clears off  before my eyes
We wipe our tears with the handkerchief we carried inside of us
What a pity
Draining down the pots and pans
I lined them up under the leaking places
And turned back to the quilt
We talked to the sound of the rain
Until we were defeated by the sleep

*From the Poetry Book, Sevdakeş (Lovejunky)

[1] A famous poet and writer who is the poet’s youth friend.

[2] Yılmaz Güney, the famous movie star, childhood friend of the poet.

  Nihat Ziyalan , an actor, a poet and an author, was born in 1936 in Adana.  After acting in Adana City Theater and Ankara Art Theater, he moved to Yeşilçam, the heart of the Turkish Cinema, at the request of his childhood friend Yılmaz Güney, one of the most popular characters of the Turkish movie world. In nearly seventy films, he especially acted in villain roles; in his own words, he earned his living by "getting good beatings" He immigrated to Australia in 1980 due to the crisis in Turkish cinema. He lives in Sydney, where he spends all his time in literature.
 In an interview with him, he said that he wrote poetry not for the elite, but for the crowds who could not reach poetry. While doing this, he chose the style of plain poetry, not simple; he stated that he did not stay in plainness, and that he set his heart on a method called 'intuitive plainness'. The poet, who has been writing poetry for 65 years, emphasizes that he believes that poetry is something that cannot be captured. In his poem, which he built on a simple theme, he left the act of reaching the depth of meaning to the reader through ‘intuitive plainness’.
 His Publications
 Asık Yüzlünün Biri (One Who Is A Sullen Face), 1963, Poetry
 Güvercin Uçuşu ( Pigeon Flight) 1980, Poetry
 Avustralya’dan Şiirler (Poems from Australia) 1985, Poetry
 Sevgili Şiir (Beloved Poem) 2007, Poetry
 Tomurcuk Sevda (Love in Burgeon ) 2009, Poetry 
 Sevdakeş (Lovejunky), 2021, Poetry
 Güneşle Damgalı (Stamped with the Sun) 2000, Novel
 Menekşeli Konak (The Mansion with Violet) 2004, Novel
 Kısa Pantolonlu Sevda (Sevda in Short Pants) 2001, Story
 Severim Pazartesileri (I like Mondays) 2005, Story

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