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I have been here singing this song of pain
Trying to understand why the world is cruel and life unfair,
But it seems I sink deeper into void and emptiness.

My voice picks high notes and transcends into low frequencies
Yet, I cannot hear myself.

Why would my soul thirst for peace and yet find war
As if I am a warrior?
Why would I hope for joy and bottle up sadness in my spirit
As though I am a beast?

Friends turn down my hand, and partners crush my love
Yet my body ages as though I make progress.

In life, what else could be more fulfilling if not unity and peace,
Could death bring growth?

Heathens rage, the earthen vessels break
Breakfasts spill, lunch freeze, and dinner sour,
How can my soul then find rest?

Daily I long and search for rest
Still my nest become a pest and my best turn jest, dipping into my crest zest.
Shady, rocky, deadly, heady, sloppy, 
Then I ask who makes headway in muddy waters?


Here comes the monster
Crawling like a lobster
In a huge cluster
Booming like a youngster.

See him in green strength
Teeming at full length,
Yet he is a beast
Setting the sun in the east.

Raping every breast
Cutting bare their chest,
Forcing them to the west
And stealing their rest.

In little circles and clusters
They become tyrants
In small groups and fosters
They eat up our elephants.

Rest is far from me
Hope flies away
Joy wonders aloof
Happiness deserts my land,
Yet they call me blessed.

These monsters cage me in agony
And these beasts take advantage of me,
I am wet with pain
And watered in anger,
Fear sings loud against me
Tear and wear patch my life
Who has not heard me cry?

Loud and constant, I wail
Weeping to be consoled.

Hitherto, I mourn, mourning even in the morning
Moreso, I am nice, even at noon
Thereto, I knit, knitting like a knight at night
My mouth, my knee, my sight, all shake and quake, sharing in quarantine
And yet this rest doesn’t want to come!

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha
  Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker/author. She's a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has featured in over sixty international anthologies and has equally published over two hundred and sixty poems in over twenty five countries. She has authored twenty three poetry books and some of them are archived in the United States' Library of Congress. She is also a tailor.
 Some of her poems have been nominated for both the Best Of The Net Awards and Pushcart Prize.
 Some of her works have also been translated into and published in some languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Macedonian, Russian, Romanian, Khloe, Polish, Serbian, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Assamese, Scots, among others.

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