Poems by Natasa Butinar

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Now, after knowing the names
of the three rushing rivers
for centuries they roll over us like stones
towards the increasingly deep waters,
I undress in front of You,
I undress from my fears and doubt,
I give myself voluntarily as a gift,
giving up the fee that this world
offers to those eager for eternity.
I wish I could say I have not cold
while I’m waiting naked,
waiting for your answer.
Here is a wasteland was beaten by the centuries-old wind
and the widest river rip
the rocky shores as if they
were made of paper.
Who knows if I will complete my promise,
shock my heart just at the thought
of losing you and the rivers,
they are too thrash around hungry
now that they saw me well
in the face.


Like the haze
under the first caresses of the sun,
above the freshly plowed fields,
you want to disperse
but the thought holds you tight
like the river
holds back its waters.

Here the humidity is great.

It’s enough for
rooted in the underworld
and reach for the stars
and I
I want to live like that :

loving you between the earth and the sky.


Restricted access
in the rooms
more curious
where they undress
new brides:

the synapse
in a

love at first sight
a dream and more,
the illusion
which could last a long time
only if
that dazzled neuron
does not notice
he was wrong.


On every experience
I did the treasure.
Prone to break me,
armed with patience,
I try to compose myself.
And if every crying
my face is the heir
the storm
that the ‘Man fears
of the related walls
now I’m not afraid.
On the soul ruins,
stones cracks
the most distant
or the nearest
I have filled
with fine gold.


The barbarian body
I feed, I take care of it,
in summer I undress it,
I cover it in the winter

the leather cluster, the flesh
and heavy bones
in which the time nestles,
the substance of life
no longer pregnant.

The thought smother me
It’s tight.

Do not divide yourself, you said,
the spirit and the body
they are the whole man!

But I see it
from outside and repeat:
is tight.

Carnal dungeon
in which is cursed
my life.


there are certain poems
that they nest inside of you but
they don’t want to take shape
they don’t want to be born
they remain blind forever
at the border where thought
It has something to say

and you will carry them with you until the end
of existence
like a “fetus in fetu”
never discovered


When the shadows rarefied
I enter on tiptoe inside
the muffled dawn
dragging me behind
the veil of Dream
like a new brides
smiling at the thought
that comes to me
as a subtle vibration
from a blue star.

 Natasa Butinar was born in Rijeka (Croatia) in 1971. In the 90s she moved to Italy where she still lives today. In 2016 he published the collection of Croatian / Italian bilingual poems "Elefante Bianco"( White Elephant), 2019 "Il guardiano silente" ( The silent guardian) was published in bilingual language too. She's poems are part of numerous anthologies including the prestigious "Anthology of contemporary poets of the Balkans" published by LietoColle 2019. She is a translator and collaborator for the International Poetry Festival " Pero Živodraga Živkovića "(Bosnia) organized by poet Emir Sokolović and sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo. 

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