Poems by Natasa Butinar

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Our days have fallen into a maze,
don’t find the goal,
vagabonds devoid of any exultation furiously digging in memory.

To what, of youth, glory?

To what the fat account
when the earth awaits you down below,
as for millennia, every living being?

Dumbledore is the tomb in the ear
of those who pass near.

I’ve heard enough.
Spare your tears.


My friend,
Right now
we are divided by the ellipsis
of all my dead,
and the rivers of your thoughts
interwoven in the line of infinity.

It divides us a year of light,
the cry of the indignant
from the edge of Time
which falls into oblivion.

My friend ,
Right now
it divides us the ocean of the Storm
plus the Earth-Moon distance
there is no hope
to meet you soon
if not in the mild drowsiness
that it’s raining this afternoon
from the heavenly vault.


I stopped covering my head
when I enter your sanctuary
because I don’t think you are my superior.
Yes, my ancestors described you as such
but more than you are not until my sisters wear the veil
to hide the bruises until a lifeless child attracts swarms of flies and Nature is defaced
to your followers, he is constantly trying to heal his wounds.
I stopped covering my head when
I enter your sanctuary
so my “impure” thoughts can go up to your ears
and maybe you decide to show up.
I am silent, do not pray
but I write of the narrow and rough
I write with a seagull pen dipped in oil spilled into the sea
by who knows which ship.
I write in dim light because from there
you can see the world clearly
I see you
nailed to a cross
that the worms are slow to attack,
poor Christ,
what did you let yourself do by men?

Natasa Butinar
Natasa Butinar was born in Rijeka (Croatia) in 1971. In the 90s she moved to Italy where she still lives today. In 2016 he published the collection of Croatian / Italian bilingual poems "Elefante Bianco"( White Elephant), 2019 "Il guardiano silente" ( The silent guardian) was published in bilingual language too. She's poems are part of numerous anthologies including the prestigious "Anthology of contemporary poets of the Balkans" published by LietoColle 2019. She is a translator and collaborator for the International Poetry Festival " Pero Živodraga Živkovića "(Bosnia) organized by poet Emir Sokolović and sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo.

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