Poems by Nafia Akdeniz

বাংলা English


the last time she kissed was a wine bottle.

the tongue is a leak-proof gadget
with a gradual eavesdropping:
“I’m dying of dissatisfaction!”

she counted the organs reproducing at her doorstep
with a hope for a feeling of a falling star,
sheep fell instead, the exploding light bulbs
the last message was about the power supply:
“Dear customer, the bill payment due is…”

the last time she hoped was for
the irrelevant waiter serving at another poet’s poem*
shall she drink the wine from a glass offered in his tray?

*The waiter serving in Birhan Keskin’s poem, Sepa-rated

Panting Breath

entered my waters
swimming parallel to the waves of my skirt
passing through my narrowing circles one by one
on a back of a dolphin, he jumps                 jumps

disguised myself
I am waiting for him to go by

– shall not show you fear love sharpening

I pretend dead on the one hand
I want him soon to catch my breath panting on the other

Nafia Akdeniz
She was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied English Literature and Humanities at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. Her poems, translations and articles have been published in various literary and academic journals. Her first collection of poetry ‘Yok / Absence’ was published in 2013, Khora Publications, Cyprus (second edition, 2016). The second collection of poetry ‘Yarım İnşaat / Under Construction’ is a new publication of Pikaresk Publications, Turkey, 2022. Her poems have been translated into English, Greek, German, Spanish and Persian.

She works as an assistant professor of English and Communication Studies at the Eastern Mediterranean University. She holds a PhD degree in Communication and Media Studies from the same university, 2021. Among her research interests are creative writing, narrative communication, contemporary ethnographies, displacement and place attachment. 

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