POEMS by Mónica Lucía Suárez Beltrán

বাংলা English

Translation by : John Mario Cárdenas Garzón


I needed the root of a small tree
That would grow not quite straight
And you sowed it in my skin without noticing…

I needed a floor to fall
To walk barefoot
To dance naked
And you gave me your body

You are the ground on which this poem flourishes.



This of me searching myself for the writing for a few days now,
Has made me get into my bones to find words 
That do not have skin yet.

And there is no pulse yet, there are no veins.

There is a poetess looking for herself, out of herself.

I seek to return to a verse womb 
And maybe something that breathes will be born.



I have two hearts now
Mine on my side and his in my womb
How does light float in the water of a womb?

His heartbeat dances through my body.
Within myself a path is moving.

Walks through all that I have been, and what I have wanted to be.
How could I not take care of him?
How could you not save the place that inhabits someone who knows all your secrets?

Now I can give him the water, the light, the sleep, the music
And the words.



I am also a nest
Of what remains
And wants to see itself reflected in my mirror
Beings from  journeys, places that were not ours
Beings who would not want to stay 

And they stayed
Within the cracks, in the corners
Of some part of my body

They come out
And return to the place they have chosen.



Then I comprehend that the abyss 
Could also fall
Inside oneself.


Mónica Lucía Suárez Beltrán
Mónica Lucía Suárez Beltrán  
Bogota Colombia. Professional in literary studies and master's degree in education, National University of Colombia. She has published literary texts such as Tenues y tonos, Colorario de ciudad (2008), award-winning poems at the Anidia publishing house, Salamanca (Spain). Guest writer to festivals in Ecuador, Cuba, Perú and Mexico, publishing compiled texts. Her book of poems Cinco movimientos y medio en el espacio (2017) has been notable for creating a dialogue between the visual arts and dance. Her latest book of poems is called Madeja de voces (2019). She has led local creative writing workshops and has participated as a jury in literary festivals and competitions. She is also a researcher, district councilor for culture and literature in Bogotá, and leader of Poesía Expandida Colombia (Expanded Poetry Colombia). 

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