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Liturgy of the seas



The night furtively summons you with its ivory of mists
and to the wind you question in which island nostalgia is buried,
from which mouth of which river will you drink the light of victory;

but what do you look for in the crest of the waters
in your vision of a repentant prophet,
what you dig in the caves of the heart.

The dark cry of the beast welled up within you,
the impetus of that sea that you kept in the orphanage of your throat.

And the sea will stop in your eyes
and God, Lord of heaven and waters, will anoint you,
the Light of it will be for you the eternal spelling
that will guide you in the winds of fury.

You can then mark your route
to the indecipherable sound of lightning
When a station arrives between crowded skies,
where seabirds steal for you
a piece of sun at noon.


In the distance you will hear the speech of the sea
that is approaching,
you will carry its sound,
the song of his trepidating verse
next to the great reefs of the days,
where will you talk about dawn
to feel the sweet joy of dawn.

– Clarity drains
in the emptiness of bodies-

You will feel what is in the hidden veils of the nights
to feel that one is born again in the transparent flame,
believe so there is no darkness
that erase the precise traces of the road
that from the beginning of time was designed for you.


The night goes through us
in the deepest,
avid snake that penetrates
the cleft of dreams.

We pretend to sleep
as impenetrable
crystal spheres

The earth does not confort
just throw off its dark and rough

wind towers


Thick lethargy the afternoon outbreak,
bright opening consumes
the pulsation of life itself. 

I overflow,
I spill in the undeniable
breaking of the moment. 

Slightness of time in time.
And your voice
and your presence is rain.
Endless cliff of rhythms. 

Butterfly wings:
flower over the waters of the pond,
clouds, leafless puffs,
birds that migrate cycles. 

And where do I go? And you? 
Since eternity names flutter
to strips of oblivion. 
And your light kisses they fork the dawn,    
your love in the crack
deeper of my thinking 
doves in the dream, inside bell towers,
among the hidden branches of the gloom. 
Mineral tear,
dark memory sore.

Marlene Pasini
Marlene Pasini, Mexico. Communicologist, writer and editor, visual artist. Psychotherapist and coach in transpersonal education, master's degree in literature, diploma in history and Egyptology. She is the author of 15 books of poetry, novel, essay and personal development.
She has received more than 200 international certificates and awards, as well as some appointments such as:
Cultural director of the International Forum Creativity and Humanity, Morocco,
Cultural Counselor of the Fayad Egypt-Lebanon Cultural Forum,
President of the Mexican Academy of Modern Literature, Mexico City.
World Ambassador of Peace, literature and culture by the International Association of Poets and Writers, AIPEH, Inc. United States, Lumbini World Peace Forum, Nepal, Grihaswamini Magazine, India, ASIH SASAMI Indonesia Foundation.
High doctoral degree HC, in Education for Peace, human development and culture by the Dissertation Council of High Doctoral Degrees AHCASA, Mexico
“Gobe the first” Award as Leading Woman, Mexico
Awards for her literary career:
Diamond Star Distinction and Immortal Award by the International Circle of Journalists, Mexico, 2018 Ibero-American Literature Award by the Fundación Liderazgo Hoy A.C., Mexico
2019 Recognition of Mexican Letters by the Academy of Literature and by Casas del Poeta, A.C., Mexico, 2019 First place with Certificate and medal as: International Literary Public Figure at the 11th Crimean Literary Festival, May 2021
Participation in 140 virtual International Exhibitions in 34 countries and 6 Exhibitions in Mexico endorsed with Certificates of participation. Literary personal appearances in Morocco and Egypt. Publication of her literary work in more than 50 cultural magazines, anthologies and interviews at the international level. Translated into several languages. Columnist in 3 magazines from Mexico and Colombia.

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