poems by Mardarovych Solomiia Bogdanivna

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At the height of long-term dreams,
on the steps of already blocked channels,
five minutes to the spring sounds and colored lanterns
I will carry a sheet with the inscription “hope”.

Outside, the rain is playing in A minor,
and the wind sways the broken and wet wings,
five minutes to spring sounds and colored lanterns,
I will carry a piece of paper with the inscription “human”.

Talk to me

When it’s terribly cold and lonely,
hot sore and incredibly tight,
talk to me.

When this black and white world turns to you
backs and takes away everything you believe in,
talk to me.

When words become a transparent ghost of a constellation,
and your angel keeps silence in the secret streets of the night;
talk to me.

When you want to run away so much and not come back,
to cause a note of oblivion and madness,
talk to me.

Talk to me and don’t disappear anymore.
This rain is not eternal –  the sun is outside the window.


The sky froze under the ballistic scream of sobbing generations.
Children’s wings are burning in the fire.
Cold death kisses the lips,
and the claws tear the body.
This is a city of a thousand bricks, in which
shot every second.
And only the voice is gentle in the arms
cold metal smiled at the sun.
Here the eyes are accustomed to burning herbs
smoke hardened from blows to the back.
Here fatigue knocks at every door.
Here souls cry from the red terror.
This city is a memory of hail on a hot night,
where the wind tears the black curtains to shreds.
This is a city in which the earth hums,
but the hearts of the slaves are forever gone into eternity.

Mardarovych Solomiia Bogdanivna
Mardarovych Solomiia Bogdanivna (October 8, 1993, Kolomyia, Ivano – Frankivsk region) – poetess, actress (Banina Foundation, Poland), journalist, volunteer, organizer and narrator of art events (literary and musical evening «Unforgotten Word at the turn of the century: Ukrainian ethnicity and modernity», talent show «Play for the world», literary event «Confrontation. Poetess and poets»). Author of two poetry books «Grammar of sound» (2016) and «When I wanted to fly» (2020).
Prizewinner of the international literary competition of novels, plays, screenplays, song lyrics and works for children "Coronation of the Word" in the category "Song lyrics" (2017, 2018). Owner of the Mykhailo Kuchirka Literary Prize (2021). Member of the Union of Writers "Inflorescence" (Kolomyia).
Poetess writes in Ukrainian and Polish languages (prizewinner of Polish literary competitions "Swiętymi bądżcie", "Dom", "O Łaskę Miłosierdzia"). The poems have also been translated into Belarusian and published in the Belarusian magazine «Molodist». The author have published in numerous literary and art magazines.

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