poems by Lucia Monica Gorea

বাংলা English


 Your calm sultry voice
Penetrates my Bohemian soul
A river of run-on sentences
that carves a metaphorical path
in the banks of lyrical augmentations
 I sit at the table
Searching for days of future past
Between hashtags and dashes
Semicolons and commas
Your exclamation points finish
My question marks.
Breakfast is served
you say semantically
I can only hear the alliteration and
your melodic tone Your quotation marks envelop
the aroma of coffee that hugs me
tightly and warmly from A to Z
thrilling my labialized palatal consonants
I am freed of all connotations and poetic devices
your arms at night – a flashback or a foreshadow
a Utopian juxtaposition
an anagram of syllables
I pour Ten Thousand Islands
On my salad and gaze into your eyes
An infinity of passion and controlled divine chaos
And wanting to remain in their simile
We move along in life – a cliché
A paradox and figure of speech
A rhetorical repetition
Forgetting oxymoron, parables and aphorisms
To only verbalize the power of “Now” and “I am”
The silent clock on the table
Is moving rather fast on the canvas of time
A hypnotic allegory with painful similarities and comparisons
Reluctantly I make my way
to the door opening brackets and closing squiggles behind me
taking away the aroma of coffee and
your gaze that will nourish me
for the rest of the day
until I see you


I build love sandcastles
         On this deserted beach
 But soon they are washed away
                 by the furry of the wave

And so was my inner fire once.

 I am waiting for you
              to surprise me

Will you ever leave traces in the wet sand
                that spell my name?
           Will you ever come?

How happy I was when
        our sandcastles
             were strong
                and no water
                         no wind

or storm
washed them away.

I build them alone
One by one
But they keep disappearing under
                               merciless waves
And my strength is fading too.

The splashing of the waves hides
                 my tears that taste like salt.
No one sees them
They go as they come
            like these sandcastles
On this lonely beach.

The powerful call of the sea –
                  Crested waves
Carry me away to
 As I become Water

In the name of your


 I stumble
 In your words
Your voiced consonants
Flow through my veins Rivers of anguish
Hitting ruthlessly my shore
The “T’s” the “V’s” and the “R’s”
Scratch my harmonious balance
Leaving behind deep ditches of haze

I wander lonely
As a bard
On the life’s path
I taste the morning dew
While breathing comfort
In my palm
The sky is a refuge
for my wobbly thoughts
Ache becomes bearable
Too bearable
Sweet as ripe melons
In the scorching sun
Horses gallop through my heart
I let them run wildly
Their manes speeding in the pale breeze

The voiced consonants become
soft vowels
I swallow them one by one
And utter them like a child
Who has just learned to speak.


When you are away
My world explodes into small
A boiling volcano
Sending fiery ashes
To draw your attention and
Punish your indifference

When you are not near
I write your name on every single cloud
That sends refreshing rain
On bare trees
And grows the grass
On which you walk
To bring you close to me
When you are gone
My tears flood the creek
That snakes onto your path
The pebbles you step on
Are voiceless prayers
To show your way
And bring you back to me
In front of the lonely
I gaze into nothingness
Waiting for sparks
To ignite my desires
And wishing
You were here.

Award-winning author, Lucia Monica Gorea, is a Canadian poet, writer, and artist who has published over a dozen books spanning multiple genres including poetry, short stories, a historical novel, children’s stories, and translations. Her poems have been translated into several languages, and she was featured in various magazines around the world.
 Lucia is the founder of BestSellers Publishing Academy, Poetry Around the World, and Poets and Writers’ Café. She hosted radio and television shows in Vancouver and Portland, Oregon on Co-op Radio and Omni TV.
 She teaches English literature at Vancouver Island University and graduate studies at Atlantic International University in the United States. Lucia is passionate about writing, photography, painting, and Zumba. She loves to inspire others with her artwork, positive energy, and motivational quotes.

©All Rights Reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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