Poems by Latifa qadery rasikh

বাংলা English

There  is no any fun
If you speak by a gun
must not be very unjust
No body call you a man


Stand please at the beach
I will soon can there reach
Believe me for ever  you!
Love each other , other each

When the sky shine with moon
You face to face me as  soon
No one can interrupte us 
If the time reach until noon

Nothing important than you
Love you for ever so  so
World is pleasant for me
If  i  be  lonly  with you…

Latifa qadery rasikh
  Latifa qadery rasikh  daughter of Mohammad Nader was born  1978
 graduated  from  English  literature  D.P.T 
 Balkh University of Afghanistan Country. 
 She is an English  language teacher. 
 She has four published books which are 
 all poems.

©All Rights Reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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