Poems By Lіudmyla Diadchenko

বাংলা English


The wind shifts direction yet blows.
Rain is not so abundant, but is dripping.
The old dog recognizes nothing but me,
Heeding only the scent of my Zodiac.
How many feet have never trampled here? —
Because maps are confused by the absence of Wi-Fi.
The wind shifts in force — and the road is why.
Owing to all this it is difficult to search for you.
Your insufficient patience won’t allow you to return
To the dust of your native soil, which sharpens
Your every desire. (And I lack the strength
To look that old hound in the eye.)


Groping to find myself … I am a woman of Tamerlane’s hair,
Scythian eyes — sea-waves in hue and depth,
And Rachel’s nose, especially her countenance when uninvited strangers
Come to proselytize their beliefs and disbeliefs.
Beneath Grandfather’s ghostly hand, I see him smile:
When missionaries preach, his progeny stands silent and slender.
I want Great Grandmother’s vitality, even at a century.
Groping to find myself … I’m such a girl. A maiden. Mischievous.
I do not resemble my Babusyu, who paints flowers.
I do not resemble those who submitted to John Cyril and his ilk.
Playing, aching to know myself by resisting these self-contradictions:
Such a woman, such a girl. Such a child.


A book by Kafka supports the absurdity of recent fortnights;
Half-finished glasses of wine support last night’s celebration.
It’s a bit hard to look into the eyes of truth, the fictions of writers,
While our own story lies like a wrinkled blanket at first sunlight.

“To the future! —” you cry, raising your glass and nodding to the window;
But it frames, with its squares, ellipses of muteness and space.
X-rays cannot show, for whatever long, irritating reason,
Why a soul stands on end. If you’re smart, you will guess this.

And what does it need? Why can it not stay still in windows or blankets?
And why does it hide a boatman’s oars at rest in fog?
The prospects fly off the eyes like a hungry bird from opening hands …
And tomorrow will hold neither silence, nor Kafka, nor bird, any longer …

Lіudmyla Diadchenko
Lіudmyla Diadchenko (2.08.1988, Kyiv, Ukraine) 
Poet, a Vice President of Ukrainian Writers Association, Ukrainian literary rating "The Book of the Year" expert, member of World Nations writers' Union (Kazakhstan). Doctor of philosophy (Theory of literature). Scientific interests: mythopoetic, hermeneutics, spatial studios. The author of poetry collections: Fee for Access (2011), The Hen for Turkish Man (2017), Kedem (2021), Magnetic Storms (will be published in USA in December 2022). 
Sources of published poems: 
Literature magazines and journals – Gargoyle magazine (USA, 2021), Turtle Island Quarterly (USA, 2022), Interpoesia (Italia, 2022), Altazor (Chile, 2022), ObserverKult (Albania, 2022), Telegrafi (Albania, 2022), Siirden (Turkey, 2021), Porter Gulch Review (USA, 2020), Sol Negro (Spain, 2021), Cardenal (Mexico, 2020), Atunis Galaxy Poetry (Belgium, 2020), Dendro Editorial (Peru, 2020), Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly (China, 2020), Armagan (Bosnia, 2020), Shahitto (India, 2019), Knjizevno pero (Crotia, 2019), Artkaspi (Azerbaijan, 2018), Publishers Weekly (United Arab Emirates, 2018).
Anthology - "NEP: Night of erotic poetry" (2011), Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly (China, 2021), almanac of 10th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (2017), of 18th International Sapanca Poetry Evenings (2018), of 11th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival, Terra Poetica (Minsk, 2016), The Language of the Sky (Tbilisi, 2016), other almanacs and online publications. 
A participant and winner of literary festivals; 
2012 - Marked by Oles Gonchar International Ukrainian-German Prize.
2018 - Literary competition "Poetry of pomegranate tints" winner (Azerbaijan Diaspora Association).  
Took place in The 10th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (Turkey, 2017), The18th International Sapanca Poetry Evenings (Turkey, 2018), The 11th International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (Turkey, 2019), The 6th International poetry festival in Sidi bou Said (Tunisia, 2019), International Fikret Demirağ Poetry Festival (Nicosia-Cyprus, 2019), The 30th Medellin International poetry festival (Colombia, 2020), Chair Poetry Evenings (India, 2020), International Kahramanmarash poetry and literature days (Turkey, 2020), 15 Festival Mundial de Poesia (Venezuela, 2021). 
Some poems translated into English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Georgian, Chinese, Croatian, Bosnian, Albanian, Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages. 
Living and working in Kyiv.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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