Poems by Kamila Pereira Hernández.

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I will Die

Your body will be my grave
I will die of moons in your ecstatic eyes
like a lover who melts into an Eden
longing for your lips, your upturned nose
in the center of your face.

And your tongue will speak to me in a language
that my body does not know
You’ll rub my groin with balsamic salves
in the shyness of my deliveries
like a fluttering dove
you will make me feel stars
as food of enjoyment.

Yes, I will die, in your galactic eyes
and exonerate my tormented soul
I will die, well, whenever
and the where must be in your body
and resurrect sweating through your skin
with the pores full of celestial hallelujahs.

Time passed
when my caresses stop the hands of the clock, you will also die,
in my hands anointed by the oils
or in my chest inhaling the vapors of consummate desire.

When my fingers untie the ornaments of your dress
we fall to the ground without the trappings of modesty
and your skin arranged as a lying grave
There we will die, with our burning breasts
On the pyre of it all, with your mouth slipping
and drinking from my plains, going down to my navel, effervescent cup.

Anyway, whenever, but let it be between your body devouring your sex
and melt our lifeless souls,
when the night is silent before the bustle of the sheets
and the day hastens its lightning strike on the window.
and after that death,
you and I, we will have risen.


Today I feel like that eye that looks
behind the tree.
Observing the effigy that is
diluted in my brooding.
Where the tints of the walls
from the paint shop
your cheeks blush,
as if when connecting my gaze
with yours you would come to meet me.

I sense what, he knows my nakedness,
It can be seen from the inside, from the mirrors.
I noticed her, I don’t know in what space,
or in some strange eyes
maybe another face that is not yours …

I learned to see you as if my pupils
they will be dilated by a wave of passion.
The cat slides into your lap,
like she wants to slip away
from your almighty hands,
possessing, ornamental magic.

And me here,
longing for the rose of them
with which every night you wield
the broad brush,
wasting fantasy.

There are those who think that the image is dead
does not hear, does not feel and
does not seek …
But yours has called me
and from the silence of my stillness,
I attended him …

Particular Signals

I have no leathery arms
like Caterine Ibargüen’s
fortified bronze
by balanced weights
neither did his burnished ash legs
with which their opponents
they knew defeat in the arena.

Neither did Sofia Vergara’s breasts
exotic fruits of life
petrified waves
My demure ones
to the eye of man;
They are not cleavagers
and a flow like the Atrato river
separate my shells.

 My slim legs
ocher smudged
like sands from the Tatacoa.
The flatness of my abdomen
no birth print
symbol of the struggle between procreation and death.

African blood circulates through my veins,
indigenous, mulatto and overseas heritage
vibrating to the sound of the drum
of the flute, bagpipes and guitar
accompanying my voice
on poetic podiums
giving verses to chimerical ears.

My umbilical cord buried in the salt of the earth
next to the crab maze
that march in May towards their origin
In this grave grows a palm tree
with its extended shadow
and its cluster of suns
living water core
covered with ebras of fire
like my hair
that the night darkens to her curls.

My sculpted and gleaming eyebrows
they pretend the flight of the wings
of the Andean condor
adorn the burning fire of my eyes.

And that is my fervent voice
like Alejandra Pizarník’s
or that of Octavio Paz
it is my voice.
Not from the Pizarník
much less that of Paz
that’s the one I learned with
to pray and read.

Kamila Pereira Hernández.
 Kamila Pereira Hernández.
 She was born in Turbo Antioquia, August 23, 1982 and has lived in Apartadó for more than fifteen years.
 Birth name. Nohemi Pereira Hernandez
 Logistics Coordinator in Port and Customs Operations.
 Poet and Painter. He has published his work in national and international Anthologies, literary magazines.
 Polychrome Literarias (2013) Poetic compilation of Urabá and award for the stimulation of creative talent. Spring Scream Anthology (2016) Poetic Anthology The Muses Sing (2016)
 Winning project to the call for culture and heritage of the Government of Antioquia.
 She has participated in different National and International Poetry Encounters and festivals, such as the XXXIII Encounter of Colombian Women Poets (2018) Urgent Poetry Readings. (2018). Awarded the Golden Spike ACAETT Association of Culture, Art, Education, Ecology and Tourism. At the III International Festival of Poetry and Art. Tembladera, Cajamarca, Peru. (2018). VIII International Meeting of Poets, Decimists and Writers. Manta, Ecuador. (2019) Meeting of Hispanic American poets and writers. Ecuador. (2020) First Congress of Art, Dance, Music and Poetry. Poetic Chrysalis. (2020) Obtained recognition by ASORBAEX, Spain. For her talent, attitude, commitment and participation as an artist promoting the culture of equality. "Art from my corner" San Vicente, Ecuador. (2020)
 International Poetry Festival. Poet are for peace and humanity. Bangladesh (2020) Writer 'World Anthology. World Writers. Bangladesh (2021) 

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