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Language sentence

We write we don’t know how
Let’s go to work
Nothing fills our unbearable stubbornness
But the notebooks fill up
Of labyrinths and forests.
The moment happens to another.
The present flies                            
In the frolic of the asphodels.
The streets and the brooding neighborhoods.
The fires tremble
They are others We are others
We look for the summer
Winter begins between your lips
Heart, when I
Be the storm that travels through your skin
I absolutely want your heaven.
We don’t know how. Words
They get lost. We were a party.
In the silence, I look for you.
In the silence, no one finds.
The desert is the voice.
The masks come undone.
They are false. We traffic them
By desire. That is why I wish.
Fruition and wear.
I want a language.
The fury of a fish language.
The angry voice of telephones.
From the light tinkling in
The stalls. Winter is coming.
The click of a language
Let desire rebel
The direction of the corals
The icy instant.
Another body in the hunched sky.
Restlessness haunts us.
He throws us into beds.
Down with the dawn that I am
Do not say anything about the night because I am
The night.
I don’t know about the universe
Because I am the universe.
My eyes buckle. The dreamed clarity
It was another. It was another. It was another. Then
Twinkling huffs ran through your eyes.
Oh my God
Serene! Everything is already body
On body! Everything is already a century
That breaks in your touch!
We already follow the dance of the bodies
That in their synthesis repeat
the lust of centuries! Athens
it is part of the history of bodies.
The papyri are collapsing.
A string of streets and skies that are
Blue, white, red and after
Everything floats in my glass of wine.
Oh world
That you faint like jasmine
In the languor of flowers,
Oh brutalization of the bodies,
I, in the nuptial march of the stars,
I place my voice
In Disorder.
Times are swirling.
But I still tempt the body.
Sneaking up
You open a door. We crossed
the centuries and we remain intact.
Take me to the next century.
A pyramid of light I seek
A loft
Another body: ideologies
They burn out.
Molecules open
Nobody finds God on Mars.
Loneliness is
The beginning of the mind. When will it run out on me
This desperate desire, this fever of the body, this
stubborn need to sing?
The doors are broken.
Orwell novels to read at the end of the month.
I knew i would follow
The withered passage of the entelechy.
The real thing is austere way.
Take me with you to the temple.
Now we are nomads.
Now my body rears up
in the rivers,
Do you see in the clouds
Your name and my name
We follow another religion.
In the light of the son and of the spirit
I walk the rock
Water and air is our destiny.
The papyri are opened
My poems are hieroglyphics
Where a god
Make up your gender.
The language is desperate
Like a flower.
All language is beautiful fruit
About our eyes.
My pupils understand
The zenith of the trip.
There’s no answer.
We wrote
We don’t know how. We go around
In the stars.
Between the stars we are
A broken geography
A spasm
Melancholy is a bitter road
Of wet roses
And rusty shoes.
Remember the way
Of the bridges
I left my toys behind
The sun invites us to understand.
Carry the light of this seed
In your eyes.
Give your fever to the date
Give your voice to the ball
Slice of time.
Eternity haunts us in its scandalous
Everything is white.
We wrote
We don’t know how. The ice melts
North of the bodies.
The metal pieces of war
They sink into the Sea.
There are no ideologies
When we undress in
The mouth of a God.
I will sink into your eyes.
We lost language
Desperate compass.

  (Lima, 1991), studied at the National University Federico Villareal, Lima, Peru. Author of the books Me da pena que la gente grow (Arteidea Editores, 2012), Breathe (La Chimba Editores-2018-Writers Guild Award), Arquitectura Vastísima (Editora Huachumera-2019-Huauco de Oro Award), Arder (grammar of dandelions) (Editorial Higuerilla-2019), The music of my head-volume 7 (Language Peru -Editors) In novel, this 2019, he presented Semen (music for young lovers) (Language Peru- Editors) That same year, He founded the website lenguaperu.pe He was the founder and director of the TAJO group. This 2020 surprised the reading public by publishing four books in times of Covid 19: Des (c) ierto (Metaliteratura, Argentina 2020), the re-edition of Semen (Metaliteratura, 2020) and two volumes in Colombia: Operating System (SO, 2020) and Copy, cut, paste, load (Obra Abierta, Colombia, 2020) He is currently editor of Literalgia and Lima Gris and manager of the cultural project Poético Río Hablador, which develops poetry projects in El Agustino and directs the website Lenguajeperu.pe , which is a new national blog of Peruvian and Latin American poetry and art. Currently, he is finishing writing his new four books: Poetizing (poetic essay), Enrique (Novel), and the poetry collections Mosaico (poetry) and Workbook of the new Peruvian poetry (part 1) He obtained an honorable mention in the XI Poet contest Joven del Perú (2020) with the poetry book Semilla Cósmica. (Web Site: www.lenguajeperu.pe ) 

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