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Baruch abolished eternity,
There is nothing beyond the visible.
Nature and being are infinite
And the being is what it was before death.

If we see ourselves with the eyes of the mind,
Time exists, while memory lasts;
Desire makes us unhappy
Tradition breeds sadness.

You know you Know. Pure conscience.
Structured essence. Just action.
Idea of ​​the idea. Mathematics
Of thought, free from dogmas.

Light of intuition in search of God
And his negation, without accepting precepts.
Knowledge of knowledge,
Free from passion and deception.

Dissatisfied with creeds and laws,
He assumed the fate of exile
With austere truth, and commitment
To exercise the reason of his ideas.

Faced at the men of his time,
Distrustful of the flow of the language
That invents names, but does not define
The nature of entity or its causes,

What says too much and what does not express
The power of silence.Which imagine
Irresponsible concepts, that does not
Justice, falsifies, disrupts

The meaning of everything it names.
So transparent, so lucid,
So was the Jew who cautiously polished
Hisconcepts and the glass of the lenses.


Here I am, invaded by absence.
Nostalgia smells like dirty clothes to me.
Piety is the ultimate pride.
Repentance is to disgrace twice,
Humility is not a virtue, but arrogance.

Those forms that sadness acquires,
Are the effects of fear and anguish.
Happiness is sun of consciousness
And not moral arena.
Pathof freedom, armed with patience.

Do not accept the praise of fools.
Otherness is not a metaphor.
What is own orothers is distilled
In judgments and prejudices and perjures
Behind non-geographic borders.

Today, which is time for distant dialogues,
Of interlocutors distant voices,
Of introspections, silent soliloquies,
Words are absolute signs
Its weight is physical, thorough, tangible.

Gone is the language of other days,
The discursive answer, interdict.
Limits of expression are ours.
Everyday life is not shared,
But is alone, every day with us.

We are judge and prosecutor, defense and criminal.
Sound and silence are ours.
Like those who tend to adopt
False poses in front of themselves,
Unbearable shadows of  reflection.

Juan. C. Tajes
 Juan C. Tajes1946 Uruguay/The Netherlands. 
Multidisciplinary artist, actor, drama teacher, communicator, former teacher of oratory art at the University of Sciences Poliques de Paris and of Intaerpretation at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. 
 Since 1963 published regularly.Based in Holland since 1971, his poetry seeks a sound and an identity of his own, within a non-Spanish-speaking society. Nostalgia, desire, mismatches, memory and remoteness are recurrent themes in his poetics.
Edited work: Poetry, Prosa, Theter, Essay. Publications in anthologies and individual editions . Collaborates with specialized magazines in France, Turkey, Romania, Bangladesh, India, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, Germany and Holland.
Last edited: Time for words (2017) The confines of the water (2020)

©All Rights Reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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