poems by Hayati Baki

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Sad song

the poets are singing: on the altar of poetry,
with the wind flapping the hair of weeping willows,
a rainbow is painting itself happily
with sad songs of violins
that flow into rivers.
the poets are singing: cem sultan
pavese, alexander xaver ewerder and the censer.

Song of plum trees

lord of the fies becomes the lord: a vulture, deathly –                                                                              
and bewildered, the funeral without flowers, wailing:
eating up children frenziedly through computer games.
the plum tree in the garden is chilling,
its leaves are sobbing in the fall season.
the poets are singing: nicolas guillen
dimiter boyaciev, bertolt brecht and my land.

Hayati Baki
  Born in Trabzon, a poet, writer and academician, Hayati Baki studied turcology at the Faculty of Letter and He graduated from the Law School of İstanbul University, Being a lover of animals, nature, he is an active member in a number of NGOs. His published books:  The Eternal Loneliness of Comeback; Quiethy and Light; The Book of Letters; Novel and Human in the Reforms Era (Tanzimat) Literature; Poet and Reality; Poet and Authority-Poetry and Illusion; The Cut Veins of Poetry: The Books of Poets Who Committed Suicide--The Books of Poets Who were Murdered2.

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