Poems by Gerlinde Staffler

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The Nightingale

A symphony of rolling enticing notes, 
Entrancing ears enchanting hearts
From a being in soft feathered clothes
Leaving behind a scent of melodic darts.

Nothing can replace natural wonders
Elated we are and also thrown back
By animated stars and soundful thunders
Is our place assigned by a chosen track?

Permit me to get lifted by vibrant joy
When childlike wishes hover on birds’ wings
While silent tears upon my cheeks allow
That pain vanish in air before sun gleams

Fragments of nocturnal whistles and trills
Follow in the obscure of a deeper hue
Where my spirit flees from fiery mills
To view gentle gladness in hours of dark blue

© Gerlinde Staffler | Italy 

Courage to Dare

A star on the stairs of a bold horizon 
Showed up to attend a joyful stirring dance
In careful licence to love in life’s ballroom
With intriguing power of pure innocence.

When two worlds allow to give voice
To shy trust, to this tender bloom of worship
Then a kiss seals the hearts as minded choice
And adoring patience plants in truth its seed.

Tameless breaths circle in romantic filled air
Glistening eyes, caught from the evening sky
Scents of roses wipe away the last grain of fear
Courage to dare is sublime freedom to fly.

© Gerlinde Staffler | Italy

Gerlinde Staffler
Gerlinde Staffler, born in Italy, is a poet, writer, translator, poetry promoter and literary organizer. Professionally She is a language teacher having skills in 4 languages: Italian, German, English and Old Latin. She studied also Psychology and Educational Science.
She is a devoted poetic soul much experienced of real life and its inside philosophy that forms her poetic nature, feature and wordy thoughts. 
In her belief Poetry is connected with every area of life, with every field of knowledge, Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, History and so many others. Here subjectivity along with objectivity makes a creative harmony of feeling  beauty.
She is convinced that Poetry with its depth and imaginative power ties souls together in every part of  the world and it let us go out from the ordinary living, giving a major meaning to life

Her works have been published in different world class and renowned online magazines: WILLIWASH e zine, Cultural Reverence, Parrotbox, the Quiver Review, Taifas Literary Magazine, Ghorsowar magazine, Shahetto Barta, Global Poet and Poetry, Revista Vitrina Cu Poezii, Literary Juggernaut, Poetryzine Magazine, Bharat Vision, World Literary Magazine, Cultural Reverence, Homagi magazine, 3rd edition; Italian magazines etc.
Her poems have been published in
various international Anthologies: Healing Through Verses, Tales and Poems, Writers' World- World Writers, Dreamscape - Open Skies Collection, Perceptions - Open Skies Collection, Cosmic Poetry,  Open Skies Quarterly 3 and 4, Open Skies Collection 5- Anniversary Edition, Antologija Srbija, Anthology "Inked With Passion",  Krishmashtak Anthology etc.
She participated two times in Poetry Reading Fb Live, one for celebrating the World Poetry Day. Her Poetry was read live different times on Youtube. She was interviewed for Parrotbox magazine. She has been selected daily, weekly and monthly best poet in several times by many poetic groups.
Some of her works were translated in different languages, and also she has translated poems worldwide in Italian and German!
She is active as admin in 5 online Poetry groups Skylark Poetry Society, Poetry and Literature World Vision,  Pen is Mightier, Stilmisk, The Guidances for Civilization and as moderator in Open Skies. 
She is a popular online activist counting almost 9000 followers on Fb and Instagram.
She has won uncountable international  awards on different Global Poetry Platforms and from International Organisations.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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