poems by Eduard Harents

বাংলা English
Translated by : Herminée Arshakyan


Like fever,
the moon angle is complex
and bright…

The night is a river
blindly entwined from the nuance of the star…

The rose-braid sky is fractioning –
hung on the plaits,
like shudder
of God output from the lip…

Exquisite catatonia – with seven birds…

The times are the pollination of your bird
in my flower’s dream…

You haven’t come
into my heart again
as you have locked it with the letter of your name…

The tear is the door
under the angle of my bird…

I am inside of you,
and you’re not from you…


The day is wet like a door,
by which
from me I enter into you –
my back turned against the noise,
as if when leaving the church.

The bowls of hope,- drunk by me –
stumble behind my flower,
and mote by mote
my bright back bows down
on the impersonal suffixes of your threshold…

And you, suddenly…
not looking, you see me,
that I collapse on you
and you have no which were
to surround my back…

Your arms have remained in the church –
to pray
with the subjunctive of hugging me…

poems by Eduard Harents
Eduard Harents
  Eduard Harents, born in 1981, is a famous poet. He live in Yerevan, Armenia. He has graduated from Yerevan State University, the faculty of Oriental Studies and Cairo University Center of Arabic Language and Culture. Harents is an author of 10 poem collections. He has been published in numerous Armenian and foreign periodicals and anthologies. He is a quintuple prize winner: in 2007, 2009,  2011 and 2013 he was awarded in Best Poetical Series and Best Translation nominations. Young poets first prize by the name of Irina Gyulnazaryan («The best poetry book of the year») for the book «Lethargic Vigilance», Yerevan, 2013. The International literary prize «Pjeter Bogdani» (2015, Kosovo),- prize for Poetry-2015. The International literary prize «Dardanica» (2019, Belgium). Panorama Global Award («Panorama International Literature Award 2020», Insus Scrolls Press/Writers Capital International Foundation, India-Italy).
Eduard Harents poems were translated into more than 50 languages. 
Eduard Harents is the most translated Armenian poet of all times.
 In 2016, his book «The life lives me» was published in Belgium («Jeta jeton më mua»; Bruxelles, “Bogdani” publishing house), and in 2017, his book «Lethargic Vigilance» was published in Spain («Vigilia letárgica»; Barcelona, “Emboscall” publishing house).
 In 2014 he participated in the Festivalul de Internaţionale “Nopţile de Poezie de la Curtea de Argeş” (Romania) and in the Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova (Italy).

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