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Tell me my beautiful flower
What time is it over there?
Let me know when you are dreaming,
and when we are together.

What time is it?

I know that here the time has been measured by the spring,
Starting from this morning, 
and everything smells like 
ground, happiness caused by meetings,
like joy.
Perhaps the winter will come back, who knows, 
but today everything smells like summer.     
A primrose here and there and a tiny daisy is already here, meeting the Sun, the sky, the flowers.

What season is there?

Is it pouring with rain or is 
the sand
on the beaches hot and dry?
Is there the wuthering wind or just a trace of breath on the neck?

What color is the sky?

There is still the bluest magic on the easel of the heavenly canvas.
It is not like it used to be,
you know, thirty summers ago
in Mostar, but over and over again

when I come, all mine blossoms, sings and flourishes.

What time is it at your place, my dear?
Tell me, ‘cause I want to know how to

dream and how to call you.  

I LOST A FRIEND /Izgubio sam prijatelja/

Yesterday I died and I felt nothing
First my hands turned blue and the years fell to the grave
like letters falling from a paper.
I feel nothing anymore and I do not remember who I am.
I don’t hear
I don’t see
I am gone
Yesterday I lost a friend who did not die.

Dragica Ivanović GACKO – Bosna i Hercegovina


Dragica Ivanović
Dragica Ivanović has been writing for a long time, and observes everything real and unreal through the prism of notes, the written word, and letters. Poetry is the magic that brings colors to life and gives them meaning. She has published 3 collections of poetry
2011-"Tišina" (Silence)
2014-"Vrisak u beskraj" (Scream into infinity)
2021-"Tačka na ljubičastu" (A dot on the purple"
In addition to poetry and short stories written in prose in which Dragica describes people, events, folk customs, cultural heritage, and the national cuisine of Herzegovina, this author works on promoting the touristic potential of her country.
The stories "Cicvara from Klinje", "Gacko, the home of the fairies, the cradle of the dragon", "Katuni", "Bovan", "Gradina through the ages" "Klinje jewel among the lakes" have found their way to people who want to get to know our beautiful country. She  lives and works in Gacko-Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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