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 Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska (born February 3, 1979, Bitola, North Macedonia) is poetess, scientist, editor, literary critic, doctor of pedagogy, university professor. She works at the Faculty of Education-Bitola, St. “Kliment Ohridski” University-Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia and teaches the courses:  Methodology of Teaching Language Arts, Creative Writing, Critical Literacy, Methodology of Teaching Early Reading and Writing, etc.  She is co-founder of the University Literary Club “Denicija PFBT UKLO” and also of the Center for Literature, Art, Culture, Rhetoric and Language at the Faculty of Education-Bitola. She is a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, and The Bitola Literary Circle, and she was president of the Macedonian Science Society Editorial Council (for two mandates). She is editor in chief of the literary journal “Rast”/ “Growth” issued by the Bitola Literary Circle, and also - editor in chief of the International Journal “Contemporary Dialogues” (Macedonian Science Society), and editor of “Literary Elements” Journal (Perun Artis), several poetry and prose books. Besides her scientific work published in many international scientific journals (over 100 articles), and one university book “Critical Literacy”, she writes poetry, prose and literary critics. She has published one prose book: “Coffee, Tea and the Red Sky” (2019), co-authored one poetry book for children and 8 poetry books: “Word about the Word” (2014), “Poems for the Margins” (2015), “Black Dot” (2017), Footprints” (2017), “Three” (2019), “House of Contrasts” (2019), “Electronic Blood” (2019), and “Math Poetry” (2020). She has won special mention at the Nosside World Poetry Prize (UNESCO, 2011), the award for the best unpublished poem at the Macedonia Writers’ Association Festival (2018), “Krste Chachanski” prize for prose (2019), National “Karamanov” Poetry Prize for poetry 2019, Macedonian Literary Avant-garde (2020), “Abduvali Qutbiddin” (third, 2020, Uzbekistan), Premio Mondiale "Tulliola- Renato Filippelli" in Italy (2021) and the most important national award for poetry “Aco Shopov” (by Macedonian Writers’ Association in 2021 for the book “Math Poetry”). Her poetry was published in a number of anthologies, literary magazines and journals both at home and abroad, and her works are translated into: English, Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Uzbek, Bengali, German, and Italian language. She has translated many literary works from English, Serbian and Bulgarian language into Macedonian and vise versa. 
 The cells of the winter, for which 
 I know how many crystals has drawn on the eyelashes of the waiting 
 and with how many melted snowflakes 
 she kisses me when I sleep,
 are collecting in my equinox
 They go down on my vertical “I”
 so they can see themselves on the other side of the mirror
 - with all of the question marks that are waking up
 on the foggy surface of breathing
 They are placing like pebbles in the mosaic of what has already happened
 And there – the darkness inhabits the irises
 because she knows that the dotted image of the memory
 will never be complete
 without the shadow’s gaze on it. 
 They are rolling down on the podium
 of the fake grins of our overeating time 
 that sticks 20 Euros on the forehead
 of the lame clarinetist 
 and he knows very well
 that starched suits cannot dance on the meter
 of 7/8 (3+2+2)
 because only the ones with a soul can
 - therefore he sells fake music notes
 on a shiny paper
 All the volcanoes on the planet of a man
 are full of fire
 that drains over the house of cards’ roof 
 There are no wild or domestic animals,
 or baobabs, roses, foxes, nor snakes
 - only – He himself, the Earth and the sky  
 There is a homeless young woman 
 living under his skin 
 That is why his skin is always young,
 and his volcanoes are creating life on Earth
 with lava of words 
 In the middle of the blind gazes 
 and the square in the center of the city
 In the middle of the coffee sips and the chess game
 under the time without watches 
 In the middle of the shop windows full of images of the past
 and the moving stairs that go nowhere 
 a hidden house lives 
 Moss of sighs grows on her skin 
 while two watery bodies are burning in the heart
 of the hidden house that lives under my skin 
 I live with a cat
 that multiplies in my dream
 and takes all shapes of the time
 in the ruins between Parthenon and Heraclea
 and the Templars and Michelangelo
 and the Great Depression and the rebellions of our collective memory 
 and when I see all of our lives 
 in the green eyes of the darkness
 that purrs quietly on the porch of the house  
 the keyhole starts to release 
 and frees all of the passwords that we have been locking ourselves in
 and you tell me:
 “Look how the time is being unlocked
 by these two wooden keys:
 the first one is me, and the second one is you”.
 and then I release that shadow
 that meows in the dream
 and let her wander all around the city 
 so she can find the keys hidden in the five-line music notebook
 the one that is me, and the other one that is you

© All rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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