poems by daniela andonovska trajkovska

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We get itchy by the amniotic sac
folded down with 2 grams of naphthalene
and cast under the rug

we feel upon us the weight of the chandelier
which pledges fidelity
in the house in which everyone hides
in their own room

We get blind by the television
that like a vacuum cleaner
collects all of our images
that we had ripped from ourselves

The images left their home in quest for themselves
and we were left in the house
with our stoned gaze on their cracked heels


When I go to bed late in the night
in the town with 80000 citizens
and 5 main streets
the stretched tendon reminds me
of the yesterday’s marathon
financed by the big tadpoles
And I cannot fall a sleep

When I go to bed late in the night
the popped jugular on my neck
reminds me
of the cat-and-mouse game
that is going in circles
around my yellow insomnia

When I go to bed late in the night
my thought with strident handwriting
starts to write me messages
on yellow sticky lineless notes
just to tell me that she cannot fall asleep.


I have a sore neck and shoulder blade pain
from the watchful yellow insomnia that sees
the world in its red alarm zone

The green sky
will never let us go
to flow
into our own “I”
that no longer recognizes
the colours of the traffic light


the bedroom always tells you the truth
if you look attentively at the wrinkles of the bed sheet
He has turned his back on Her
while She embraces what does not exist in Him

He turns towards Her in a fetal position
She takes Him into Her womb without giving it a second thought
although She is half His size
She turns Her back on Him wanting to get inside His circle

He caresses His Ego
and takes what belongs to Him completely:
the empty side of the bed

the bedroom always tells you the truth
all you have to do
is to look for the wrinkles
on the inner side of your sleep


it doesn’t respond when you are addressing it
nor when you call its name
nor when you want to ask it something

but it knows your name
and your home address
and your birth date
and the number of your ID
and it can calculate the day of your death

and when you think that there is no one in the room
you will recognize it
by the swaying curtain behind you
in the room for which you have no key
our autistic time lives

Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska
 Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska (1979, Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia) is a poetess, author, scientist, editor in chief of two prestigious literary magazines in North Macedonia, literary critic, doctor of pedagogy, university professor, a member of Macedonian Writers’ Association, Macedonian Science Society – Bitola, Slavic Academy for Literature and Art in Varna – Bulgaria, Bitola Literary Circle, and she was president of the Macedonian Science Society Editorial Council (for two mandates). She has published one prose book, 9 poetry books, literary critics, and over 100 scientific articles. Her four latest poetry books are: “House of Contrasts” (2019), “Electronic Blood” (2019), “Math Poetry” (2020) and “Walking on an Aerial Line” (2021). Her book “Electronic Blood” is translated into Arabic language and published in United Arab Emirates in 2021, and also was published in English in India in 2021. She has also co-authored one English poetry book “Dandelion Cadence” published in India. She has won several important awards for literature such as “Krste Chachanski (2018), “Karamanov” (2019), Macedonian Literary Avant-garde (2020), “Abduvali Qutbiddin” (2020, Uzbekistan), Premio Mondiale "Tulliola- Renato Filippelli" in Italy (2021), Award of excellence "City of Galateo - Antonio De Ferrariis" (Italy) and “Aco Shopov” for poetry (the most important national poetry prize by Macedonian Writers’ Association in 2021). Her works are translated and published into more than 40 world languages.

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