Poems by Chen Hsiu–chen 陳秀珍

বাংলা English
 Translated by : Lee Kuei-shien

The Appearance of a Painting

To Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo

Lying on a hospital bed
my posture and your image
keep overlapping
looked like a bad print on paper
appearing as two butterflies

You have most ingenious hands
and unfortunate feet.
I love your hands
but dislike your destiny.
You transcend reality by means of a paintbrush.
And what kind of landscape would you paint
if you have a another kind of life?
Your painting makes me hurt and love
because its rich colors suffocate me.
I hope that two thick contacting eyebrows
in your self-portrait were a pair of wings
to bring you flying out of the orbit of destiny.

I have neither your hands instead
nor available to imitate your love or life.
But when we are not laughing
your eyes with fortitude
are just like my eyes.
How we resemble
a wild rose that resists to fade
despite continuous unstable wind and rain.


In the chilling sky,
you might become the prey being torn by
the claws of eagles.

In that moment
you would not be a mascot of the others.
You stand independently on the reef
at times wandering around the shallows.

Your slight curved long beak shames the fishing hook,
while our sharp eyes reveal aggressive fighting intentions
As they look through the blue waves
and frighten away falcons.


Across the Sharr mountains 

Dense fog among Sharr mountains
prevents us from looking into
the expression of mountains,
the windy feeling of trees.

All of these
would reappear after disappearance of the fog
but we have no time to see.
Even when the fog all clear
the scenery in illusory change with time
will also change our state of mind.

The fog covering me long since
makes itself looked like me,
like all scenery of mine.
I am afraid that the sun in winter season
will vaporize the dense fog that I am used to it.

The fog
makes my poets friends up the mountains
displaying uneasy.

 Chen Hsiu-chen ,born in Taiwan, graduated from Department of Chinese Literature in Tamkang University and has been served as an editor in newspaper and magazines, now is one of the editor members of “Li Poetry Sociaty”. Her publications include essay “A Diary About My Son, 2009”, poetry “String Echo in Forest, 2010”, ”Mask, 2018”, “Uncertain Landscape, 2017”, “Tamsui poetry, 2018”and “BoneFracture, 2018”, Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual “Promise, 2017” , Mandarin-English “My Beloved Neruda,2020” as well as “Virus takes no rest”. 
     Her poems have been selected into Mandarin-English-Spanish trilingual anthologies “Poetry Road Between Two-Hemispheres, 2015” and “Voices from Taiwan, 2017”, Spanish “Opus Testimoni, 2017”, Italian “Dialoghi, 2017” and “Quaderni di traduzione, 2018”, as well as English “Whispers of Soflay, Vol. 2, 2018” , “Amaravati Poetic Prism, 2018”,and “Amaravati Poetic Prism, 2019”. Her poems have been also translated into Bengali, Albanian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Romanian, Hindi, Nepali, Sindhi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Polish,Catalan, Serbian, Arabic and the like. 
     She participated Formosa International Poetry Festivals in Taiwan held in 2015~2019 annually, Kathak International Poets Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 
 2016, International Poetry Festival “Ditët e Naimit” in Tetova, Macedonia, 2016, Capulí Vallejo y su Tierra in Peru, 2017, International Poetry Festival of Sidi Bou Saïd Tunisia, 2018, “Tras las Huellas del Poeta”in Chile, 2018, 3rd International Poetry Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019, 6thIasi International Poetry Festival in Romania, 2019, as well as Primer Festival Internacional de Poesía por Ediciones El nido del fénix, 2019. She was awarded with estrella matutina by Festival of Capulí Vallejo y su Tierra in Peru, 2018. Lebanon Naji Naaman Literary Prizes 2020.

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