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Translated by : Lee Kuei-shien

    My Romanticism

Oh, poet,
the sentences of your poetry
are ardent diamonds,
making my eyes
daring not to gaze.
I am also fond of able to
finishing immortal love poems
just like you.

My country
has been clouded darkly by enemy,
my romanticism
aims at the resistance by poetry
against more than one thousand blind missiles.
Under the sheltering sky
Oh, poet,
my pen
imprisons the butterflies
and does not plants rare specie of rose.
The sentences of my poetry are
unable to present the smoothness of silk.

Permanent Address            

During my wandering
I looked for a permanent address.
May have an invariable address
for a fragrance of flower?
May have a permanent watershed
for a drop of river stream?
May have an eternal sky
for a floating cloud?

After the endless wandering
each drop of tear
moistens the homeland under feet,
the permanent address is eventually found.

Whether the love in wandering
needs to look for a permanent address?

The Smile of Mona Lisa

In Musée du Louvre, you has been
sustaining consistently an elegant posture,
being appreciated around with crowds,
observed in detail by means of magnifier,
discussed and copied in painting,
your worldwide known smile still persists.

This smile has been well guarded
so smiling for hundreds of years.
What secret of non-disclosure is hidden
behind the smile of Mona Lisa?
Perhaps, da Vinci has given a hint,
who knows the secret codes.

Me smile too.
My plain smile,
I desire it to be well guarded,
reveals no sense of mysterious beauty.

I love mystery more than smile
but the sense of mystery is frequently
bloomed within the flower of smile.

Love Train              

You are so out of breath
that lost your train.

May be that train hangs a wrong tag,
may be it early arrived or delayed,
may be no one that  you would like to meet on the train,
may be that is simple a joke of God.

If that is your only train,
if there is next train for you,
if, ah, if …………

A lot of persons lost their real love train
just because busy to put a lot of treasures into luggage.

  Chen Hsiu-chen陳秀珍(TAIWAN)
 Chen Hsiu-chen is the executive editor of “Li” poetry magazine, has published books including “Non-diary, 2009”, “String Echo in Forest, 2010”, ”Mask,2016, “Uncertain Landscape, 2017”, “Promise,2017”, “Poetry Feeling in Tamsui, 2018” , “Fracture, 2018”, “My Beloved Neruda, 2020”, “Virus takes no rest, 2021” and “Encountering wth Cesar Vallejo, 2021”, some poems have been translated into more than 20 languages. She participated various national and international poetry festivals in Bangladesh, Macedonia, Peru, Tunisia, Chile, Vietnam, Romania and Mexico from 2015~2021, won “Morning Star Prize” from Peru in 2018 and “Naji Naaman Literary Prizes” from Lebanon in 2020.

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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