poems by çayan okuduci

বাংলা English
Poet: çayan okuduci  
Translation : Neil Patrick Doherty and Özde Çakmak 

We Were Close

How well I knew that we were close
We just ran into bad weather, that’s all
We grew up too quickly, lived too little
And what’s more
We forever talked of the end of the road, that’s all

Inside the fog we pitched our tent
We were branded then stoned and we wept
Just like humans: so many patches wounds passions

Just then my love you left handfuls of thorns
Just then a lifetime of grief  served up for those purple figures
Just then that night news of me reached my grandmother
All in three breaths she:
Who gave birth, who injured, who buried

The knife ripped out the bone and went beyond
The drift then away from the shores
Close, so close to the birds the wires
Only black, so close to black
The blind, the knots the cripples
How like night, like dirt they were
How like he dead, like men they were

The hands of women and boys as they turn red
Here is a photo for you: so talk scream and anger me
Here is the barbaric dialectic of my age for you


Let There Be

I swear I will wash in your voice
Dream with the essentialls you abadoned
Grief and dance, healing and ctying
I must find, bathe and cleanse myself
in her scent

Where trees grow, waters flow and the sun rises
I said: I am dreaming new dreams of the ancient times
From abyss to abyss
Where I strode around, that self I could not find
The wedding feats I will never see again

Just then you run you repel the masters from these rooms,
How the drum beats the more you repel! Oh letter I turn to water on your lips
You who have violets, cactuses and sons flower in your drought

(my hidden my intracrable distance: you harden it in yor mouth
then take it inside, take it inside and burn it
we will undo it, we will be rid of it I say
we will smash this thing they call our share of the future)

So be it, I say to those whose mothers are children, whose fathers are too old
Let the dreams of morning shatter into pieces  
Let there be a glass of water by your bed
Let all that has yet to come to fruition stand right there.


Come to me with a Smile

Take your laughter hanging on the mulberries and come
My father’s asleep the geese are standing on one foot
The bakeries are shut and the dogs silent
Come to tear and my clothes, it is time now

There’s no need for a candle or quilt
The uneasiness of great loss in my heart
Time is short the roosters might crow any time now

I begged you from you this incomplete night
The glasses tipped over;
Your naked body your tempting voice
An unmade bed behind us
Come and undress  inside me
As I gnaw away at myself so come and pour into me

Come to me smiling just so my heart can take it
I am waiting standing and somehow enduring
Let this night carry some part of us to morning

My mother has fermented the milk
And buried her prayers too under the pillow
The hand of the morning is at my door
The hand of the morning is in my heart.


Çayan Okuduci
 Çayan Okuduci Bilingual poet, translator and writer – Kurdish and Turkish. He was born in 1986, in the province of Silvan, Diyarbakır. He completed his elementary, middle and highschool education in Diyarbakır. He received his higher education Traditional Handicrafts, Anadolu University International Relations Department and lastly Bilim University Perfusion Department and dropped out. His first book (poetry) Yeniden Doğmak İçin was published in 2014 via Tilki Publishing, his second book Travesti At (2017) was published via Şiirden Publishing. In 2018, Helbestên Hevçerx Yên Tirkî which includes his translations of 42 poems written by poets in Turkish was published via Kaos Çocuk Parkı Publishing. In 2019, his last book Ecmain (poetry) was published. His poems were published in many magazines including Çevrimdışı İstanbul, Sincan İstasyonu, Yeni e, Islık, Şarkî edebiyat, Şiirden, Gösteri, Kadın Harekatı, Bernamegeh, Ecinniler, EK dergi, Akatapla, Şahsiyet etc. His poems were translated into English, Kurdish and Persian. His poems were published in Turkish Poetry Today, an annual magazine published in England, in English. His translations from Kurdish to Turkish and Turkish to Kurdish were published in magazines. He is among the founders of the International Şiirist festival (Istanbul). His articles on poetry were published in magazines. His poems were composed and published. He writes critical articles on Kurdish poetry in a digital newspaper called “duvaR.” Also, he writes Turkish articles with a focus on society and poetry in another digital newspaper called “Bianet. 

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