poems by Caroline Laurent Turunç

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Just like the best season of the year misses spring
And without a sweet smile in life’s dullest moments
I invite you to the distance of the sun and the moon
And i want to hug
The air is so cold like the sun
I know it’s caused by the lack of fragrance
I’m like the dot looking for a comma in sad songs
I missed you more this season.

I smelled The poppy flower’s scent in my nose
Their color was a little pale.
Under the palm tree falling from its branches
Am I late or everything has determined that you have lost its meaning

There was no butterfly in the air this spring
There was no wine here, no love
The scent of love is love
Is it time to lose your mind?

Shadow of the moon under the sun
Crushed like a dying day
I lost the color of the sky
The rain is not as clear as usual.

Neither pomegranate syrup nor honey dessert was here
They say spring doesn’t come with hollow flowers
No clouds, a drop of water must be reborn
The only way to know me

Yeah I miss you like I miss the spring
And will you still watch the season as if everything is normal
With the saddest losses I’ve ever heard birds migrate
But you’re still not here when I’m always alone .

 31/12/2020 , PARIS


Warmer than the realm of existence
Thorny mountains and deserts
Death defying bee from the cliffs

Pomegranate flower from paradise valley
Goddess with rivers of heaven under her feet, great spirit created between two ribs

Sometimes the wind, sometimes a rogue fire
The painter who paints the shadow on grains of sand and makes the sun jealous
Violin melody artistic heart
The elegance envied by the Star Cluster of Heavenly Rivers

The most beautiful woman ever created
Peace Caliph against the shallow winds from the city of the Prophets
The person who is afraid of putting his conscience in the trap of pleasure

His always smiling and loving demeanor will never tire of being with you

If he realizes that his loved ones are suffering, he would open his mouth and swallow the world.
No matter how old you are, you always expect compassionate love from a mother

Baking hope with pebbles in an empty pot and telling stories with the smell of bread

Both doctor, poetry and poet
The pond that never dries up in the desert sea A great observer who believes in justice and equality
Half of her worried are for her kids, the other half is still for her kids
Magnificent aroma of basil, orchid fragrance
Snowdrop flower that resists the sun

Sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you cry
Fearless soldier in a fantasy world
A night light that doesn’t complain about fatigue day and night

The olive tree that turns hell into a beautiful fairy world
Understanding, peace and humor in all branches of cartoon art
The first instructor deserves to be loved the most
A mother, your mother, my mother, the earth mothers.

 09/05/2021 PARIS

Caroline Laurent Turunç
 Caroline Laurent Turunç Antakya, Turkey, Arab origin, the daughter of a family of nine children.  She started writing at the age of 15.  She wrote her first novel at this age and her family did not allow the book to be published, her brother and mother destroyed the manuscript.
 This incident did not prevent her from writing more.  She has written over 1500 poems since 2013, received many certificates from abroad, and participated in 12 local and foreign anthologies.  Her poems have been published in many international journals and sites.
 She is writing a novel and is about to finish it soon. She published two poetry books, "Between Oriental and Schemal" and "Desert lily".
 She won the second place among 2575 poets from every country during the championship of the world literature in Romania.
 She is a Turkey-based Humanitarian and represents the u.t.e.f. International foundation in Paris . She currently lives in Paris, France.

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