Poems By Anna Bagriana

বাংলা English


  it is approximately there
where God ran out of threads
 where land is not sewn to the sky
and dangles
 as a teddy bear’s torn paw,
another bit of someone else’s childhood

  it is approximately there
where the Lord’s hand
doesn’t touch the shadow of a lonely tree
felled by human hands
 just before the Holiday

 this is something like
as if the sun knelt
 and beseeched forgiveness
from you
 and me
 our hearts

 * * *

 do not forgive me
the green eyes
 (that’s a grandma sin)

  have no forgiveness for
too weak arms
 (it isn’t too soon to rely on them)

  have no forgiveness for
the silence
 (as long as I’m silent)
 and laughter
 (when my tears are in it)

 have no forgiveness for
the song o’er songs
 not Christ crosses
 sloppy thoughts
 and  the time
 on the way led to You

 just forgive me
my youth
 (it will pass away)




 in the beginning there were wounds
and the sky poured out of them
 lymph nodes appeared in the heavens
 which tied together
 all those
 wandering in the sky
 chimerical orbs
 (what’s their origin?..)
 then the nodes kept expending
 and growing heavy
 like stones
as stones
 crumbled down
 creating something similar
 to those (already tied) orbs
 each named after a god
 to become one
 for they thought
 that there is no one
 in the heavens
 (just having forgotten
 about the wounds
 of the Universe’s inception)

Translation: Iouri Lazirko
Anna Bagriana
Anna Bagriana 

Novelist, poet, playwright, translator.
Born in 1981 in the city of Fastiv, Kyiv Oblast, Anna Bagriana graduated from the Language Institute of Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in Ukrainian language and literature. Following this, she worked as a radio and television journalist. Currently, she is a member of the National Writer’s Union of Ukraine, the Association of Ukrainian Writers.
Anna Bagriana has published 7 books of poetry, 2 collections of plays and novels: “The Etymology of Blood” (Kyiv, 2008), “Such a Strange Love This is” (Kyiv 2010), “The Pesterer” (Kyiv, 2012), fantasy novel for children "Windy Mountain" (2021, 2022) and other books for children and adults.
She has also compiled and translated an anthology of contemporary poetry from the Republic of Macedonia.
Honors, awards and prizes:
- The Ukrainian-German International Honchar Prize, 3rd place in the 2008 Crowning the Word competition, and 2nd Prize in the 2008 Smoloskyp Competition for her novel, “The Etymology of Blood.”
- The 2009 “Silver Flying Pen” International Award Literary (Bulgaria) for her translation of a book of poetry by Elizaveta Bagriana.
- Winner of the 2009 Marusia Beck Literary Prize (WFUWO, Canada) for her short story, “Green Borshch.”
- The Award of International Mediterranean Academy (R.Macedonia, 2012). 
- The “Qiriu i Naimit” International Award Literary (R.Macedonia – R.Kosovo, 2012) for specific values of poetry.
- The Panteleymon Kulish Award Literary for her novel “The Pesterer” (2013).
Performances of plays and libretti:
“Beyond Time” (dramatic poem) at the ERA Drama Theater (Kyiv) in 2006 and the Premiera Music & Drama Studio (Kyiv) in 2009.
“Gloria” (a musical) at the Donetsk National Ukrainian Academic Theater of Music and Drama, 2010.
“Rhododendron” (a tragicomedy in two acts) at the Homin Ukrainian Drama Theater (Chicago) in 2010.

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