Poems by Ali Abukhattab

বাংলা English


The wind has its logic..
And you walk against saltiness of time.
The place smells croaks in you.
You spin your death by hands of holes.
You stick to the wind hissing
Your self burnt on the flame of fragmentation
You create your ceremonies in mixing the tears by the fantom foam
Your crushed myth rises from the poem hell

         Go up

                 Go up

                          Go up
Do not stop on the tip of chant
         I see them approaching from your echo
         I see them slipping from the cough attendants

Escape ,
Follow the prophecy of wind

Why “I cannot to write” ?


Because I’m stronger than idea
     And weaker than language.


Because I’m bigger than illusion
And smaller than fact


Because I’m clearer than nonexistence
    And unclearer than existence

“Waiting for Godot” again  

I, in the first of distance, was waiting for him.
As a defeated prophet
The time scorpions was biting me
The wild age words was stoning me
The weakness was spreading into the rocks
I said he must come
But they left me
I waited till the dates evaporated
.. … .. … .
Nothing came except death.

 Variations on Genesis


In the beginning was the desire,
Was going around the nowhere,
Embracing the illusion,
So it died as smoke.
When it ecstasised by fact light
It got last in the silence of time.


In the beginning was the bomb,
The god lighted its fuse,
So he dispersed as fragment.


In the beginning the apple was in the hand of Eve
And Cain’s hand carried the knife
Abel’s neck bled
When Adam had eaten the apple.


In the beginning was the crime;
It’s the first* and the last*.
And was the spite;
It’s the visible*
And the hidden*


In the beginning the God wrote his autobiography
On the kept sheet
And when  destiny bewildered us
We said; the Good and peace are from the God
And the evil and war are  from the Devil

Excuse for the Devil

* some names of the Islamic God.

Ali Abukhattab
Ali Abukhattab is a poet, critic, translator and researcher in the fields of philosophy, religion and politics . He studied English literature and translation. .He  published some books and participated in some anthologies. He published many critical papers and political and cultural articles in many newspapers and journals. He also wrote children's literature. He participated as lecturer in cultural events, and participated as political analyst in tv programs .He is cofounder of "Utopia" commune "which achieved many  literary and intellectual events in Gaza strip. Because of threats of terrorist Muslim brotherhood Hamas movement, he escaped to Egypt where he participated in the cultural life in Cairo .Then International Cities of Refuge Network" ICORN", helped him to move to Molde city in Norway as "guest writer " but molde city made racist procedures against him. Unfortunately  he still lives  in the Norwegian exile under racism .

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