poems by Agnieszka Herman

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 I have on my tongue the salty taste of  restless skin.
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know whether tomorrow will come.
You permeate me violently. I’m closed in your arms
I resist the presentiments. It’s autumn. The trees are burning
with a rusty red blaze, or maybe it’s the world that’s burning
and when we wake up there will be nothing left.
You have such warm hands. As if blind you attentively
learn me by touch. Can fingers see more?
Will we manage to memorise, before the wind gets up,
the ripe September scene? The salty taste of your skin?
The smell of perfume from behind the ear, mixed with the damp of moss?

Cut up by leaves, the sun falls on faces
into shivering shapes of marble. It’s autumn. A honey day.
We won’t be here tomorrow

translated by Urszula Blaszak


A deserted town or a film mockup.
Opened gates await the return of the hosts.
There are satiating cats in sunspots
and their narrowed eyes.
According to Epicurus
the happiness is a conversation about philosophy
with a friend in your own garden.
Or maybe happiness is a morning walk,
in which we are solidifie like in an amber.
Especially when everywhere is
full of the byzantine splendor. Gold and purple.
So much death this autumn – says M.
Let the poems – like burning linden trees –
stand face to face with the dark.

translated by Kaja Herman

Agnieszka Herman
 polish poetess, journalist, graphic designer. She published Wybuchło słońce (The Sun Exploded, Warsaw 1990), Zapisane światłem (Written by the light, Warsaw 1995) Jesienią najtrudniej iść środkiem dnia (The hardest thing is walking in the middle of the autumn day , Warsaw 2015), Punkt styczności (The crosscut point - poems collected in Bulgarian, 2018), (Background, Warsaw 2019). Her poems have been published in many anthologies and magazines in Poland, Bułgaria, India, Turkey, Japan, Kingdom of Great Britain, Ukraine and USA. She has been participation in many polish and international literature festivals. She is finalist of 2020 Orpheus Poetry Award K.I. Gałczyński for her book Tło (Background, Warsaw 2019). She won the voting of readers. [Poetry Award K.I. Gałczyński 2020]. She has took part in many literary festivals in Poland and the other countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Ukraine). She cooperates with large publishing houses  - she is the author of cover designs, some of them are international bestsellers. She is a member of Polish Haiku Association. Her haikus had been published in mamy magazines in Poland and in Japan. 

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