Poems by Agnieszka Herman

বাংলা English


translated by Kaja Herman

Let  the smoke from a cigarette be the background.

An uneven ribbon rising up.

When relationships form in heaven

The whole world

Hears the beat of their hearts.

The landscapes are created in its rhythm.

Winds blows, songs are born.

The lonely people  breath

The same air.

To get infected with love like smallpox

Let the dull sound of the body hitting the ground be the background

Oak, the hero of my landscape

Quartered before death

Branch by branch.

Me – an orphan, birds – orphans,

And the Moon too,
Which was hanged over the oak.

Let the beach be the background.

There are no two leaves alike on the tree,
Blades of grass, snowflakes,
The grains of sand are different.
Under a starry sky
I pour questions
From one hand to another.

Let hairdresser’s mirrors be the background.

Woman pulls hairclips from a gray bun.

She puts away her glasses.

Her hair reach to the waist

The genetic dowry,

The pride of parents and aunts.

The silky tail of the comet,

That the men were chasing after hypnotically.

The young hairdresser

Doesn’t want to touch

Dead years. She asks

A friend by whispering 

To replace her.

Agnieszka Herman
 Agnieszka Herman -  Polish poetess, journalist, graphic designer. She published 5 poetry books: The Sun Exploded, Written by the light, The hardest thing is walking in the middle of the autumn day , The crosscut point - poems collected in Bulgarian and Backgroud. Her poems have been published in many anthologies and magazines in Poland, Serbia, Bułgaria, India, Turkey, Japan, Kingdom of Great Britain, Ukraine, India  and USA. She participated in many polish and international literature festivals. Finalist of 2020 Orpheus Poetry Award K.I. Gałczyński for her Late Styles book Background, Warsaw 2019) -  the readers' award. She cooperates with large publishing houses in Poland where she designs book covers. She is the author of cover designs (more than 200), some of them are international bestsellers. She is a member of Polish Haiku Association. 

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