poems by adriano schiavon

বাংলা English
Adriano Schiavon
I was born in Chivasso (Turin) on 25-03-1964
I got my scientific high school diploma
 My passions are photography and, for some time, poetry
 I am a self-taught computer scientist

 Once the glass is finished, the thoughts will end
 it will end the music and the songs.
 Melancholy will fall asleep.
 The slow heart will wait for the morning to be aware of one more beat.
 Until the next evening, until the next glass, until tomorrow.
 Unaware if it will be for a dance or for a cry.
 Like a carousel ride and another
 waiting for the music to end.
 The amusement park is closed, the lights go out
 and trembling, serene, get off the track 
 In my corners
 I go there, I go here
 looking in my corners
 The night brings no noise,
 but fantasies of you.
 I go there, I go here
 gift my toys
 to those who still want to play
 and count to three.
 We do not know, we will know
 if there are angels on earth
 looking for smiles
 to laugh with me ...
 ... to laugh at me 
 My angels
 The angels I know.
 They have no wings
 Nor little baby bodies
 The angels I know.
 They have heavy shopping bags in one hand.
 The other is close to the handrail of the tram.
 And sometimes they blaspheme my angels.
 And the angels I know have a thousand labors among the wrinkles.
 As they sparkle brilliantly in a smile
 We speak in silence 
 How much talk would I do
 with silent souls
 I would be silent for hours and hours talking
 with those who do not waste unnecessary voice
 and he knows how to say everything with a wrinkle that curls
 a look that lights up and thus, on equal terms, knows how to go out
 With the brave sighs that are sumptuous poems.
 And an unknown little muscle in the face that pulls up a hint of a smile to say: "Silence! Let's talk again" 

© All rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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