poem by Valentina Lyulich

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Not a dream. Bad phantom shut the sky.            
All the life has changed in only hour.         
But this not dream will slip by,                  
Have Ukraine  in  heart of our.                        

Sirens’ cry is louder than a prayer .                  
Guns’ whistle destroys the whole day.             
Ukrainian souls have enough lumen ,          
To maintain our native Ukraine.         

Weapon in soldier’s hands cries,             
He gives children’s smiles.                      
-What are you inspired with, young man?       
– I adore my native Ukraine!                                 

Time of life  gives birth in basements,          
Baby is the dearest that mother has.                 
From  fire we are hidden in the nature’s lap of                                                                       
The best mother in the World is Ukraine.          

Look what sons were grown-               
Each meter is defended continuously.             
Their mighty  power is in the unity,                     
With them you are in safety, Ukraine!          

Stand still,may enemy will wreak his fury.      
I ‘ll  meet him in our own way.                                     
The wheat will bear soon,                                       
And we’ll build our new Ukraine!       

All will be over and we’ll go out from basements.                                                             
Each father will come back to his child.              
And then it will rise from under evil
Our sun-the sun of Ukraine!

Valentina Lyulich
Valentina Lyulich is a Ukrainian writer, translator, author and performer of her own songs, presenter of TV and radio programs. Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine and the National All-Ukrainian Musical Union, the head of the Association of Artists of Original Song and Sung Poetry of the Rivne Regional Branch of the National All-Ukrainian Musical Union, founder and head of the Ukrainian Club of Original Song and Sung Poetry, founder and director of the festival of contemporary Ukrainian original song "SLOVOSPIV", the author of the hit parade of the author's song "SLOVOSPIV", the author and initiator of many other creative projects. In addition, Valentina is a prosecutor of the regional prosecutor's office.
Author of 13 books of poetry, prose, books for children. The author of the series of inclusive books of universal design "Little Croissant in the Big World", published with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. A documentary film was shot about Valentyna Lyulich as part of the all-Ukrainian project "From the Terikons to the Carpathians".
Participant and laureate of many international and all-Ukrainian festivals, competitions, awards in the field of literature and author's song. Valentina Lulich's works have been translated into many languages of the world.

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