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I  am a daughter of a feudal society
A little bit of dust to ignore
A girl to criticize
A wife to label erratic
A mother to call eccentric
What? What do you want? What!?
Who am I?
Not yielding lineage
I am what I am
I am anomalous
I am crazy
I am a poem fresh from a mountain spring.

Translated from Turkish to English by Muhsine Arda
She was born in Şenkaya , Erzurum. She attended primary, secondary and high schools in Manisa. She finished Classroom Teaching in Buca Education Faculty, Dokuz Eylül University. Then she graduated Turkish Education from Distance Education Faculty , Anatolian University. She had cumpulsory service in Ağrı then since 1995 she has been teaching in Bursa. Süreyya Akçay , the mother of Büşra and Alara.
Her Poems were published in such magazines ;Eliz Edebiyat,Deliler Teknesi, Şiiri Özlüyorum, Kurşun Kalem, Berfin Bahar, Patikalar, Şehir Edebiyatı, Temren, Çini Kitap .
She is the member of Writers’ Trade Union of Turkey and Society of Litterateurs, and Executive Bord Memeber of Society Of Writing And Art.

Poem books:
Sel Düğümleri ( Sone Publishing, 2009 )
Ten Nadası, ( Sone Publishing, 2011 )
Ay Çukurunda ( Siyah Beyaz ,2013 )
Deli Tozu ( Kanguru Publishing, 2018 )

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