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I was painted by the sorrowful mornings.

My destruction is in a nightmare.

Morning in the bosom of a lyrical poem

Refresh swallows in sky

A rainy rose season
Nightingales like Mecbul
I say roses sir roses
Neckless queens in the greenhouse

I ‘m a sad woman in a lyrical poem 
My mascara  paints the night black
My sad childhood snowdrops
Seeks the sun’s eye in fairy tales
My soul’s dirt and rust
Poems, stories, fairy tales wash

We are going through an elongated neck
Like timid deers
Shines in my tears
They will be out of the scabbard
We have been shot from our dreams
O my ignorant oppressed people
A salt lake runs through our lives
Lilacs in a drop of amber
Why are the pain and revolution brothers?
The birds of my semah revolving sadness
Masters of words, images, verses
Nazim, Neruda, Rilke, Mayakovsky
Rhythm rhymes
In the Milky Way galaxy

Hurt, sad, rosebud in the moonlight
They are painted red.
In the bosom of pansies
My clove sleeve poem dressing
Why are the pain and revolution brothers?

Translation by İrem YAZIRLI
Nursel Ertekin

Nursel Ertekin was born in Denizli, Turkey Jan 5, 1964.
 Her love for literature and poetry began as a child.
 As a youth she competed in track and field, winning national gold medals in 400 and 1500 meters.
 She went on to have a career as an anesthesiologist and  nurse, and is also a master practitioner and teacher of Reiki.
 Her first public poetry recital was in 2004 at the Denizli Art Lovers Association.
 She has also given readings and talks at Rotary , Lions and New Generation Village Institutes.
 In 2011 American Sazplayer and Turkish Poet interpreter Nyofu Tyson recorded an arrangement of her poem “Yakamoz” (Moonlight Reflections) with music composed by Evren Edler and vocal by Feyza Eren for his “Minstrels&Mystics” album.
 A further project blending Turkish Music, Jazz and Ms Ertekin’s poetry with Tyson’s compositions is underway.
Nursel Ertekin is a member of MESAM (Turkish music and lyrical copyright owners association).
 Her poems have appeared in numerous print and digital publications.
 She is currently a board member of the Denizli literature, culture and art publication Delikliçınar, where her poetry regularly appears.
Translator : Nyofu Tyson

©All Rights reserved by Torkito Tarjoni

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