Poem by Nevin Koçoğlu

বাংলা English


I am writing this to you
Five days left for equinox

I was picked from root of a skinny grass
When I was singing the song of foggy valleys
My butterfly was pinned to the night from the wings and your hand
A blood dropping from my wings
Freezing in my finger tips

I am writing this to you
Five days left for equinox

In the lonely winter of my solitude
I grew you with feverish patience in the water then I ripped your cocoon of flesh
I buried the sleep with umbilical cord
Do you hear the last song of the red swan
Leaking from its cracks in every midmorning

I am writing this to you
Five days left for equinox

I took a shelter at the rear window of isolation
Cold as dew flowing from lands of clouds
Pale as yellow shadow fell on green
I am weirder than this weird plant leaning to the window
Time of blue verses on my marble face
Cover, let me get lost on your twosome throne

I am writing this to you
Five days left for equinox

I told the angel coming down on the top of the castle
Rafaello, give me a pair of wings
He gave me and I added it on your back
I blow eternity into your soul
Tiber flowed away inside of me once more
I got it yours is vertigo of turtledove…

Nevin Koçoğlu is a Turkish poet, jounalist, environmentalist and human rights activist. Born in Gaziantep, she lived in Istanbul during her childhood years and moved,when she was an adult,to the Turkish capital Ankara where she currently lives.  She completed a B.Sc. degree in Public Administration at Anadolu University in Turkey and is studying at the same university for a second degree in Sociology.  

Koçoğlu’s poems are translated into Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Kurdish , Persian, Serbian and Spanish. She is the winner of Vahittin Bozgeyik Poetry Award, 2012.  
She participated in poetry festivals in Turkey and number of other counries where she read her poems. She has many contributions to various international anthologies. Her poems are published in a large number of prestigious literari journals and magazines.

Kocoglu is actively campaigning to build village libraries in all the regions of Turkey,  
Her books:
Tanrının Vişne Bahçesi(1st Ed.2013),(2nd Ed.2014), (3rd Ed. 2018)
Kurdish translation published (2014) Persian translaton published (2020)
Tuz ve Gece (2015) (Printed with Persian translation)
 Kuğu Kardinalinin Ölümü (2020)

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