poem by Neslihan Dağlı

বাংলা English


 to the gentle wind of autumn as it shed its leaves
 humanity was tested with a fireball in the brotherhood of colors
dozens of children died at ankara station
 children standing on the rope while getting up to hope
 dozens of children died at ankara station

 women threw away their headscarves
 for peace to come
 regardless of ethnic origin race religious view
 they hugged each other

 their songs became a lament in the universe
 deafening zılgıts dove of peace march
you’ve been walking around with a yellow face, mothers
 without their bloodshot eyes touching each other
 the wing of the houses has decreased, the weeds of the houses have increased

 a yellow autumn
 mothers cried together for their children
While humanity is dying in the sewer grottoes!

Translated by: Murat Yurdakul 
  Adana, as the city of art and artists, does not give up its leadership.  The fertile lands of Çukurova continue to produce art and artists.
  Poet Neslihan DAĞLI, originally from Adana Kozan, was born in Gaziantep.  He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in various cities.
  He studied at the Conservatory for nearly two years.  He worked in radio and textile.
  In 2007, he participated in the Mixed Painting Exhibition at the Kayseri Hunat Madrasa.
  He started writing in 1990 and still continues to act in poetry.
 In 2016, the poet was deemed worthy of an honorary award in Azerbaijan with his second poetry book called "Hope Blooms in Its Branches".
  The poet, the mother of two children, a girl and a boy, is the Culture and Art Director of Söz Newspaper.
  ( Selected Poems with Neslihan Dağlı )
  He still lives in Adana, intertwined with art.
  Poet Neslihan DAĞLI's poems were translated into Central Asian dialects and Azerbaijani Turkish and published in a book.
   3. The poetry book "Where Spring Kisses Summer" is ready for publication.  (2022)
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