Poem by Muhsine Arda

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I am somebody who cannot remember
Who I used to be

Maybe ten, maybe ten thousand years ago
When glaciers covered the earth
When the sole problem was survival
I was somebody or everybody

Beyond the concept, beyond the realization
I cannot remember, beyond my imagination

At the time of transformation
From being to having, my cell or
Everybody’s cell caught a disease

When children became
The child of a certain mother-father
When children were
The children of the tribe no longer

One bad seed, maybe too many bad seeds
Started the malady

The living soul of mother earth
Missed the bliss of being

Evil started to win
Life forgot the meaning of happiness

I am the restless soul with burning desire
To reveal that
Not having
Is the real source of joy

Muhsine Arda
Muhsine Arda is a Turkish poet, novelist and essayist. Following a lengthy teaching assignment at New York University, she returned to Bursa-Turkey in 1997.  Muhsine’s work has been extensively published in Turkey, including six volumes of poetry, short stories, essays, and two novels.  Many of her poems have been translated into other languages as well, and have appeared in international literary publications. A staunch advocate of Women’s Rights, her feminist viewpoint is reflected in much of her writing, which also addresses such “taboo” subjects as women’s sexuality, physical disability, and suicide.

 Muhsine ARDA’s books:

Erkek Gibi Kadın- Poety, 1 October 1992
Marmara’dan Yükselen Dalgalar- Poetry, 2000
Aşkın En Güzel Yanı- Poetry, 2001
Yanlış Dokunmalar -Short Stories, 2003
İntihar Gözyaşları- Novel 2015-(Second &Third Edition 2019)  
Bakire Sevinci- Poetry, 1 October 2017
Dicem Tebüle-Essays, 2018
Serçe Yürek-Poetry, 2018
Beşibiryerde- Novel, 1 October 2020
Mırıldanmalar-Poetry, 1 October 2021

Fırçadan Kaleme-Paintings-Poetry-Translation by M.Arda
Zaman Işıkları-Novel by Stefano Mazzoleni- Edited by M.Arda
Life at Corona Times- Poetry/Essays- Edited by Dr.Shamenaz 2020
Feminist Voices II-Poetry- Edited by Dr. Shamenaz 2021
Golden Words Poetry Anthology-Edited by Dr. Shamenaz 2021
I Can’t Breathe-Antholgy-Edited by Christopher Okemva- June 2021

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