Poem by Mohona Majumder

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Mohona Majumder

Actually,it was an illusion…

When the ray passing through my mind,
I could see the mirror reflecting
the fire..

In the world of absolute reality,
Supremacy could be attain by experience.
Amidst the salvation of soul
Let’s walk through the eternity.

I know now we are inseparable –
You are going to be inherent ,
Becoming close to my completeness.

Mohona Majumder
Mohona Majumder was born in Kolkata, India .She has completed her masters in mathematics .But life has taught her with many ups and downs , pen is the ultimate weapon to express each and every feelings.
Generally she writes in several magazines in Bengali as well as English. Her first published E book in Bengali language is "যতটা অপ্রকাশিত".

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