poem by Metin Findikji

বাংলা English


We had started with forgotten shadows
But loves don’t remain as they are, that if you open
The window on the backyard side
Neither the cat nor the child, even if you call
From a nearby ruin  
We’ve forgotten within the forgotten shadows
On the mattress that we sat legs crossed
We dwindle away as far as we look into time
Opening to yard all day long.
Forgotten within the forgotten yard
Muddy flowers, beak of the birds
Bloody eyed pomegranate and me
In an ancient city
I don’t tidy up your forgotten nudity
From my kid bed anymore
– Are you there?
From the ruin standing within me,
Wish you call once again..

   He was born in 1961 in Mardin, Turkey. After he finished his middle school his family went to Ankara and there he got his high school diploma.
 He worked as an employee then as a translator in a company. He got early retirement for the sake of poetry and translations. Now he lives in Istanbul.
 He started writing poetry in 1980. In parallel, he began translating Arabic poetry to introduce it to the Turkish readers. He published his poetry and translations into many literature publication and magazines.
 The poet was most interested in translating poets like Adonis, Nizar Qabbani, Nazik Al-Malaika.
 He published five poetry books Desolation (1992), My Heart is Under Water (1996), Cloves in Distance (2001), Forgotten ( 2004), Jacket from the Dessert (2006)>
 He also published many translated poems 3 books for Adonis, 3 books for Mahmoud Darwish, and a poetry book for Nizar Qabbani> Mouhammed Bennis.
 He also translated for Ghada Al-Samman, Fedwa Toukan, Ahmed al Şahhavi and Aisha Al-Basri.
 Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry
 Anthology of Arabic Love Poetry
 Anthology of Arab Poetess

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